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General information about Rooftop Post and the printables we create.

Oct 06

Ten Halloween Treats

As our site is getting quite big these days, we thought we’d kick off October by posting a list of our most popular Halloween printables.  (They’re all free.)  Hope you have fun browsing through them, and that you find something useful for you and your family to enjoy.   1. Decorate With a Witchy Wall …

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Feb 11

Top Ten Tooth Fairy Printables

People often wonder which of our Tooth Fairy resources are the most popular… and of course, so do we.  Well, we’ve consulted our stats and here they are, our top ten most popular Tooth fairy printables of all time (or at least for as long as they’ve been around).  They’re in reverse order.  Enjoy.   …

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Feb 06

New – Witchy Wall Spells!


This is just a quick post for all of you who like to keep an eye out for our latest printable resources.  Once upon a time when our website was young, witches weren’t particularly popular, but since the advent of Harry Potter, we’ve seen demand for them go up and up.  We’ve long had requests …

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Jan 26

Latest Free Stuff


Looking for the latest free printables we’ve made?   Well, it’s it’s been a bit of a slow start this January as most of the artists who donate resources to this site tend to either be really busy at this time of year or off taking a holiday.   However, we do have a few new printables …

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Jan 14

2013 – Printables Planned for the New Year

Well, here we are, another new year.  Doesn’t time fly?  Christmas is over, the children are back in school and 2013 is well underway.  So, what new printables are we planning to add to the free area of our site next?  Well, between now and the end of March, we’ll be asking our artists for …

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Oct 06

Top Ten Printables

Ever wondered which of our printables other visitors like best?  Well, we thought we’d put together a list of this month’s top ten for you to browse.  We hope you find it of interest. 1. Tooth Fairy Note: Thank You for Your Tooth! – This one didn’t surprise us.  It’s a basic Tooth Fairy note …

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Sep 22

Customers Outside the UK

This is just a general information post on buying Father Christmas letters from outside the UK.  (Our letters are all available on to UK buyers.) We get a lot of people asking if they can buy letters from outside the UK.  The answer is that although our business is geared towards selling to UK …

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Feb 03

New Site Area for Printables!

Hello there!  If you’re reading this, then you’ve discovered the new area of our website dedicated to free printables.  As many of you will know, we’ve long created “freebies from Fairyland” and they’ve become such a popular part of the Rooftop Post site that we decided they deserved a proper area of their own. For …

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