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Fairy Garlands

For little ones who love fairies, these easy-to-make garlands are a great way to make a fairy party look magical.  They also look great in bedrooms… where the fairies can watch over you all night long.

To make this decoration, you will need:

How to Make Your Summer Sky Fairy Garland:


Decide how many fairies you need for your garland, then print them by clicking the fairy pictures below. (Each one will take you to a pdf file of that fairy pendant – three per page.)


Cut around the oval cloudscapes containing the fairies, so that you can fold each one to make a double sided paper pendant.  Tip: You might find it easier to fold each pendant over the string/wool before you glue the two halves together, so that you don’t have to thread it through.


Stick the two halves of each pendant together but only glue about half or two thirds of the blank side, leaving a nice wide unglued bit at the top for your string/wool to go through. This makes it much easier to rethread if you want to rearrange anything – you won’t have to fiddle about trying to force your string through a very small space! Finally, you might like to know that when we made ours, we found wool much better than string – it just seemed better at holding each fairy in place.


Pretty fairy bunting hanging in a garden

Hang your magical string of fairies anywhere in your home or garden.  Well done!  If they’ve turned out anything like ours it was worth the effort – and we hope your children enjoy them. A final tip: once the glue was dry we trimmed each oval to make sure there were no bits of white paper from the other side showing around the edges.

Our Top Picks for January

With Christmas over and the new year at the starting block, we thought we’d list a few of our favourite printables for January. Some are new and some are old favourites but our site is getting so big that we thought a little list might help make sure there’s no mid-winter magic you’ve missed.

1 Christmas Thank You Notes

Christmas Thank You Notes

2 Burns’ Night Printables

3  Tooth Fairy Notes

4 Blank Fairy Notepaper

Blank Fairy Notepaper

5 Spring Colouring

Printable spring colouring pages

Spring Colouring

Here are our favourite spring- themed colouring printables in one gallery. Enjoy!

Printable Fruit Garland

Printable Fruit Garland

This printable fruit garland is a great way to decorate your house for summer parties, barbecues or just because you want to freshen up your child’s bedroom.  All you need is a printer, a pair of scissors, some wool/string and (optionally) some glue.


We know you can probably make this garland without instructions, but we’ve added some steps below, just to help out.  We hope you (and your children) have as much fun making it as we did!


How to Make Your Fruit Garland:


Print the slices of fruit you want to include in your garland by clicking on the pictures below.  (Each one will take you to a pdf file of that fruit.)


Carefully cut out your fruit slices and fold them in half.  Each one is a perfect circle, to make this easy.


Hang the folded fruit slices over a piece of string or wool.  TIP: If you are making a long garland and you find the fruit slices are sliding about, tie knots in the string in between each one, to keep them in place.  Alternatively, stretch the string straight (like a washing line) and smear/brush some glue along it, then place the fruit slices where you want them before leaving to dry.  Once dry, they should stay in place.



Hang it somewhere in your home!  We chose our fireplace because we were a bit short on time… but you can probably think of somewhere much nicer.  They do look especially nice in children’s bedrooms.

10 Summer Favourites

With the summer underway, (at least in the northern hemisphere – apologies to those elsewhere!), we thought we’d post a short list of our most popular summer printables.  We hope you find them useful:

1 Summer Party Bags

Summer Party Bags
Summer Party Bags

2 Super Summer Brushing Tooth Fairy Certificate

Free printable Tooth Fairy certificate for a child who has been brushing over the summer
Super Summer Brushing Certificate
(No name needed)

3 Summer Traveller Pirate Certificate

Free printable pirate certificate - summer traveller
Summer Traveller Pirate Certificate
(Ready to personalise)

4 Tooth Fairy Note: Carry on Brushing This Summer

Little letter from the Tooth Fairy - keep cleaning your teeth over the summer
Keep Cleaning Your Teeth This Summer

5 Summer Colouring Pages

6 Summer Party Invitations

7 Fairy Certificate of Summer Sportiness

Free printable Fairy Certificate of Summer Sportiness for your child
Fairy Certificate of Summer Sportiness

8 Remember to Pack Your Toothbrush! (Tooth Fairy Note)

Printable note from the Tooth Fairy reminding a child to pack a toothbrush
Remember to Pack Your Toothbrush

9 Summer Roses Paper Basket

Roses Paper Basket
Roses Paper Basket

10 Useful Thank You Notes for Summer


For anyone looking for more lovely summery resources, here are a few of our favourites from around the internet:

Printable Masks – This site has a great collection of masks to keep the kids entertained this summer, or indeed at any other time of year.

Watermelon Garland – Find out how to make a gorgeous garland based on this much-loved summer fruit.  Great for kids’ parties.

Hidden Pictures – This selection of charming pictures with things hidden all over them is great for keeping children busy over the summer.  Like hide-and-seek on the page!  They can also be coloured in for extra fun.

May Day Printables 2016

With May Day 2016 just around the corner, we thought we’d make all our relevant printables easy to find by listing them in one post.  There are some immediately below and some farther down the page.

What Do People Do on May Day?

maypole-and-may-queenMay Day is an ancient festival whose roots are lost in the mists of time.  As you can probably tell from the printables above, it is often celebrated with flowers.  May parades, maypole dancing, May basket making and the crowning of the May Queen are just a few of the activities you can find going on around May 1st.

In general terms, it is about the marking of spring.  In some countries, bonfires are lit to symbolise the light bringing the long, dark nights of winter to an end, and in others, people stay up all night on the day before May Day so that they can celebrate the coming of the dawn.  In the UK, we have Early May Bank Holiday – which is a three-day weekend – so should you fancy a night of waiting up for the sun to rise, you should have enough time to catch up on sleep before having to go back to work!

What’s in it for the Kids?

Assuming that you either can’t get to or can’t find an organised May Day celebration, there are still lots of traditions you can engage in at home.  Decorating your home with May Day flowers might be a nice activity for the children.  You could use real flowers and arrange them in different vases or cut out a whole pile of paper flowers and stick them around the house.

One of the loveliest May Day traditions for kids to help with is the giving of May baskets.  The idea is that you fill baskets with flowers, sweets and/or other presents and leave them on the doorstep of someone you think deserves them – for example, an aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend or babysitter who has been nice to you all year.  You don’t have to use a real basket, you can make one out of card like these:

The gifts don’t need to be expensive either – it’s one of those occasions where it’s the thought that counts.

Top Five Spring Printables

Every so often we like to take a look at our web stats and let you know which pages are currently the most popular.  In reverse order here’s the top five this spring:

5. Babysitting Thank You Note

Printable thank you note to say thanks for babysitting
Thank You for Babysitting Me

In fifth place is our babysitting thank you note.  Unusual for it to receive quite so many hits but perhaps with the weather getting warmer parents are going out more.  Whatever the reason, we’re glad you found it useful.

4. Mermaid Friend Certificate

Mermaid Certificate: Mermaid Friend (No name needed)
Mermaid Friend (No name needed)

Who knows why, during the spring, our thoughts turn to mermaids?  Yet according to our site’s stats, they do. 

Perhaps we tell our children more stories about them at this time of the year.  Maybe it’s a time when we find ourselves with out children on the beach, looking out to see and firing up their imaginations with magical mermaid make-believe.  Or perhaps there are more children learning to swim at this time of year, ready for the summer holiday.  (Unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere, of course.) 

Whatever the reason, the hits on our mermaid resources always start to increase around the middle of April and this year, the certificate above is the most popular.  Perhaps it’s not that surprising, for with the days getting longer and the sea a little warmer,  who wouldn’t want to be a “mermaid friend“?

3.  Fairy Paper Dolls

Fairy paper doll with springtime outfits
Spring Fairy Paper Doll

There’s never a time making a paper doll and her wardrobe isn’t fun and this spring our visitors obviously think so too.

In keeping with the magical resources we provide on this site, out paper dolls are fairies… although you could always chop the wing bits of their clothes if you didn’t want them to be.  Yikes! Sounds painful though 🙁

 2. Dinosaur Chore Chart

Printable dinosaur chore chart for children
Dinosaur Chore Chart

Dinosaurs are ever popular and with all the busyness of spring, it’s not surprising a chore chart has turned up in the top five. 

If you have a child who loves dinosaurs, your could also print this colouring page of a dinosaur cleaning his teeth or this dinosaur party bag

1. Tooth Fairy Notes

Notes from the Tooth Fairy
Notes from the Tooth Fairy

As was true last year, our Tooth Fairy notes page is the most hit upon of printables in spring.  Could it be that teeth are falling out more rapidly than usual after all the Easter goodies?!!  Goodness, we hope not!

Don’t forget we have Tooth Fairy letters and Tooth Fairy certificates available too. x


Eggstraordinary! Beautiful and Unusual Easter Eggs

As we skip around the internet on our run-up-to-Easter coffee breaks, we can’t help noticing some weird and wonderful Easter eggs.  So we thought we’d share them with you.

Knitted Easter Eggs

There seem to be all sorts of knitted Easter eggs around (the picture below shows some from Poland) and when you think about it, they’re probably a great idea.  Sure, you could carefully create the gorgeous work-of-art type of knitted egg but you could also knit a more practical variety.  Soft, washable, and easy to pack away without breakage to use again next year.

Knitted Easter Eggs
Knitted Easter Eggs

Want to have a go? Here’s a free Easter egg knitting pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits.

Perforated Easter Eggs

These are just beautiful.  As if ordinary eggs weren’t fragile enough, these must be as delicate as you can get.

Perforated Eggs

You can make you’re own – even if they’re not quite as elaborate as those above. Like everything else worth doing, it just takes practice and time.

So how do you make them? Surprisingly, we couldn’t find that many online guides but it’s quite well described on this blog – the pictures help too.  (Tip: You may need to use Google Translate if the text doesn’t display in English.)  The biggest hurdle is that you’ll need a handheld milling machine of some kind to make the holes in the eggshell.  If you’re an ardent crafter whose got one already though, just bleach and blow some eggs then perforate away.

Embroidered Easter Eggs

For anyone handy with a needle and thread, here’s another charming idea.  I’m fairy useless at embroidery but these make me wish I wasn’t.

Embroidered Eggs

Look carefully and you can see how these are done. Eggs are blown, bleached then embroidered with a needle and colourful thread – often embroidery silks.  If you’re a beginner it may be easier to use goose eggs rather than duck or chicken eggs, as they are bigger and their shell is less fragile.

Straw Easter Eggs

Or rather, Easter eggs decorated with bits of straw.  Isn’t that clever?  And pretty too.


Fabergé Egg

Okay so you can’t craft this one, (or if you can you’re either a wizard or a genius), but we thought we’d mention it regardless.  After all, who can think of beautiful eggs without thinking House of Fabergé.  This one’s called the Winter Egg and in 1913 it was the most expensive Easter egg ever made.

Winter Egg by Fabergé

Top Ten New Printables

Yep, the fairies have been adding new resources again…

…and for all you who want a quick top 10 of the latest printable treats, here they are:


Pantry Label: Herbs and Spices
Pantry Label: Herbs and Spices

10. At number ten is a group of resources rather than one, in the form of our Herbs and Spices Pantry Labels.  Not one we were expecting to be this popular, but we’re glad you find them useful.



Vintage Tooth Fairy Certificate: Award for Losing Your 1st Tooth
Award for Losing Your 1st Tooth

9. One of our new vintage Tooth Fairy certificates, an Award for Losing Your First Tooth is already at number nine, in spite of only having been created a couple of days ago.




Cupcake Wrappers: Pink & Cream Floral
Cupcake Wrappers: Pink & Cream Floral

8. Eighth most popular among our new resources are our Wedding Cupcake Wrappers.  Not that you have to limit their use to weddings, they’re great for any party.  That said, all our best wishes to anyone tying the knot!



Vintage Tooth Fairy Certificate: Award for Brushing Daily
Award for Bravery at the Dentist’s

7. Another vintage Tooth Fairy certificate comes in at number seven: Award for Bravery at the Dentist’s.  Clearly these types of certificates are going down well.




Cupcake Wrappers: Pirate Treasure
Cupcake Wrappers: Pirate Treasure

6. More cupcake wrappers at number six, of the pirate variety.  Shiver me timbers, we’re glad you’ve enjoyed them.  Arrrr!  




Printable doorhanger to tell the Tooth Fairy there's a tooth ready for collection
Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

5. Number five sees a Tooth Fairy Door Hanger come into the spotlight.  This is an old design recently revamped.  The new style is a great match for our vintage Tooth fairy certificates, so next time your child is expecting a visit, why not bear it in mind? 



Award for Losing a Tooth
Award for Losing a Tooth

4. Yet another vintage Tooth Fairy certificate has made it into this list at number four and this time it’s the “Award for Losing a Tooth“.  This certificate is useful no matter which tooth has fallen out – a great general Tooth Fairy resource to suit any child.  Don’t forget that if you want to type your child’s name directly onto the certificate, look underneath it for a “personalise” button.  



Identical tiny Tooth fairy envelopes for teeth and money
Tooth Fairy:
Classic Tooth & Money Envelopes

3. A bit of a surprise at number three with our classic style tiny Tooth Fairy envelopes.  These are great for exchanging teeth for money, though we didn’t expect them to be so high up this list.  Mind you, they sure are pretty! 



Fairy Certificate of Beauty
Fairy Certificate of Beauty

2. Rising swiftly to number two is another resource from the fairies, our Fairy Certificate of Beauty.  As the certificate says, it’s for girls who are beautiful inside and out – sweetly sentimental and a good one to hang on the nursery wall.  Don’t forget that there’s also an editable pdf version of this resource, which you can type your child’s name straight onto.


letter from the monster who lives in your house, saying that he's moving out.
Letter from the Monster in Your House:
“I’m Moving Out!”

1. And finally, at number one is a new resource for all the family – our latest letter from the monster who lives in your house, saying he’s moving out.  We’re not surprised this one has been popular, it’s funny and magical all at the same time.