1 Packet of Reindeer Food


Sprinkle reindeer food outside your house so that Father Christmas’ reindeer will eat it up when they land.  Children love doing this before bed on Christmas Eve  – it all adds to the magic of that special night.

Sorry, but we can’t send reindeer food to those living outside the United Kingdom.

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A little packet of reindeer food ready to sprinkle on the ground or doorstep on Christmas Eve. This is a lovely Christmas extra for children, a bit of magic before bedtime. It contains oats and sugar crystals and should not harm your garden birds.

• Great fun for children – adds to the magic on Christmas Eve

• Sprinkle on the ground so the reindeer will spy it and land

• Comes in colourful paper packet with poem printed on the front

• Packet dimensions 95mmx75mm 15g approx

• Not suitable for human consumption

• Not recommended for children under 3 years

• Free delivery within the UK – Sorry, we cannot send this item to non-UK addresses

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 95 x 75 x 5 mm


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