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Summer Certificates

Now that we’re into August, we thought we’d do a quick round up of any summer certificates we happen to have on our site.  Most of them are new this year and all have PDF versions for those of you who prefer to type names/dates on rather than write.  We hope you find them useful and that if, like us, you’re in the UK, you and your children are enjoying the summer holidays.  If you’re somewhere else on the planet we hope you’re having a good time too, whatever the time of year. 🙂


How to Make Paper Leaf Decorations

Paper leaves are a lovely and original way to decorate your home for all sorts of parties and events.  They’re especially popular during autumn, for Halloween, Harvest festival and Thanksgiving celebrations, but there’s nothing to stop using them at any time of year. 

Watch the How To video to find out how to make yours.  There are links to all the printables mentioned in this video underneath it. 

Printables used in this video:

All Paper Leaves | Paper Maple Leaf


When you’ve finished, just thread your paper leaves onto string and (hopefully!) they’ll look like this. Happy crafting 🙂 

Paper leaf decorations
Paper Leaves Hanging from a Bannister

Scrapbook Paper

Free printable fairy scrapbooking papers
Fairy Scrapbook Paper

Good news for all of you who’ve asked us for scrapbooking paper in the past – we’ve finally created some.  The first set is fairy-themed and the second is for Halloween.  Obviously, we’d expect the fairy paper to be more popular at this time of year.  Here are the links:


What’s it For?

For anyone wondering what on earth scrapbook paper is for – well, people like it for all sorts.  You can use it to help you craft greetings cards, back photos (before you frame them), make paper chains, wrap small presents, cover notebooks, create colourful origami and of course, in all kinds of collage and decoupage.  Basically, the possibilities are endless.  One of the children in our family recently used it to wallpaper her dolls house! 

Anyway, we hope you get some use out of our scrapbook paper and if it starts to look like a popular resource, we’ll be sure to add more.  In the meantime, thanks for your interest and for visiting our site today.  We hope you’ll call back soon.  x

Five Fun Printables for Summer

Well here we are in the midst of summer once more and with the school holidays all but upon us, we thought we’d post up a list of five of our most popular summer printables.  Some are brand new and some are old favourites.  Hope you enjoy them. 


sample-viking-runes1. Viking Runes Bunting

Ok, not strictly a summer resource but these are proving pretty popular for anyone having a Viking birthday party for the kids. Spelling out the birthday boy or girl’s name in real Viking runes and hanging them along the wall adds a great bit of fun to the festivities. (Now all we need is the 3D printer technology to hurry up and become commonplace so we can design you a Viking helmet and a longboat too!)

Summer Party Bags2. Summer Party Bags

Great for summer parties of all kinds and a cool way of getting the kids to “help” you.  Just print them out, stick the flaps down and fill with goodies for your party guests.

Father-Christmas-summer-note3. Summer Santa Note

This one is for the end of the summer holidays.  In it, Father Christmas thanks your child for being good over the summer and says he hopes he/she will keep it up until Christmas.  In our house, a word from Santa brings a smile amid that back to school gloom!

summer-santa-certificate4. Summer Santa Certificate

Give the summer holidays a couple of weeks to kick in and then encourage further good behaviour with this summer certificate from Santa.  Christmas may seem like a long way off but it’s never a bad thing to let your child know that the elves have their eyes out all year.

summer-party-invitations5. Party Invitations

Finally, if you browse our party invitations, you’ll find a few that could come in handy for the summer, such as the barbeque, picnic invitation and summer garden party invitation.

Paper Dolls and Party Bags

Fairy paper doll with flowery outfits
Fairy Paper Dolls

For those of you who like to check out our latest printables, we’ve just added party bags to colour in and fairy paper dolls to cut out and craft.  We hope you enjoy them. 


As with all our resources, anything which proves particularly popular will go straight to the top of our “add more list”.  The best way to let us know if you like something is to share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.  We can tell how many shares and/or likes each of our pages receives and every month we have a quick look at the printables people like best and focus our efforts there. 



For anyone wondering what other visitors to this site are interested in right now, this week our most popular resources are:



Don’t forget, this is the page that will keep you up to date with all our latest stuff.  Regular users might want to bookmark it. 


Thanks for visiting Rooftop Post – we hope you call back soon.

How to Make a Pirate Certificate

We’ve uploaded a video (below) to show you how to get the best out of our free printable pirate certificates.

Links to pirate printables in the video:
All Pirate Certificates | Honorary Pirate Certificate | Sea Bag | Back of Certificate

If you follow the “how to” video above, you should end up with something like this.  Happy crafting!



Planning a pirates party?  You might also like to make use of these free printables:
Pirate Cupcake Wrappers
Pirate party Invitation
Pirate Parrot Party Bag
Pirates Party Bag (1)
Pirates Party Bag (2)
Pirates and Mermaids Treasure Hunt

How to Make Snowman Soup

What is snowman soup?

Basically, it’s hot chocolate with a little extra oomph! You make a normal cup of hot cocoa, then add extra chocolate and white marshmallows – which are what give it its name. Some people also add extra milk or cream and just for fun, the whole thing is stirred up with a candy cane. It’s also becoming increasingly common for the raw ingredients for snowman soup to be put together as a gift for people to take home. A snowman soup gift set usually consists of a sachet of hot chocolate; some extra chocolate to stir in, such as buttons or stars or kisses; some white marshmallows; and a candy cane to stir it all up.

If you want the snowman soup poem featured in the video above, click here.

If you want the snowman colouring page featured in the video above, click here.

Snowman Soup Printables

We’ve written a couple of snowman soup poems, both of which are available for you below. We find parents like to print one, roll it up, tie with a ribbon and place it alongside a steaming cup of snowman soup or with a snowman soup gift set. (A snowman soup gift set usually consists of a sachet of hot chocolate, some extra chocolate to stir in such as buttons, stars or kisses, some white marshmallows, and a candy cane to stir it all up.)


Please note that the copyright for all our snowman soup poems belongs to Rooftop Post. They are only for your own personal use and may not be used commercially.


Top Ten New Printables

Yep, the fairies have been adding new resources again…

…and for all you who want a quick top 10 of the latest printable treats, here they are:


Pantry Label: Herbs and Spices
Pantry Label: Herbs and Spices

10. At number ten is a group of resources rather than one, in the form of our Herbs and Spices Pantry Labels.  Not one we were expecting to be this popular, but we’re glad you find them useful.



Vintage Tooth Fairy Certificate: Award for Losing Your 1st Tooth
Award for Losing Your 1st Tooth

9. One of our new vintage Tooth Fairy certificates, an Award for Losing Your First Tooth is already at number nine, in spite of only having been created a couple of days ago.




Cupcake Wrappers: Pink & Cream Floral
Cupcake Wrappers: Pink & Cream Floral

8. Eighth most popular among our new resources are our Wedding Cupcake Wrappers.  Not that you have to limit their use to weddings, they’re great for any party.  That said, all our best wishes to anyone tying the knot!



Vintage Tooth Fairy Certificate: Award for Brushing Daily
Award for Bravery at the Dentist’s

7. Another vintage Tooth Fairy certificate comes in at number seven: Award for Bravery at the Dentist’s.  Clearly these types of certificates are going down well.




Cupcake Wrappers: Pirate Treasure
Cupcake Wrappers: Pirate Treasure

6. More cupcake wrappers at number six, of the pirate variety.  Shiver me timbers, we’re glad you’ve enjoyed them.  Arrrr!  




Printable doorhanger to tell the Tooth Fairy there's a tooth ready for collection
Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

5. Number five sees a Tooth Fairy Door Hanger come into the spotlight.  This is an old design recently revamped.  The new style is a great match for our vintage Tooth fairy certificates, so next time your child is expecting a visit, why not bear it in mind? 



Award for Losing a Tooth
Award for Losing a Tooth

4. Yet another vintage Tooth Fairy certificate has made it into this list at number four and this time it’s the “Award for Losing a Tooth“.  This certificate is useful no matter which tooth has fallen out – a great general Tooth Fairy resource to suit any child.  Don’t forget that if you want to type your child’s name directly onto the certificate, look underneath it for a “personalise” button.  



Identical tiny Tooth fairy envelopes for teeth and money
Tooth Fairy:
Classic Tooth & Money Envelopes

3. A bit of a surprise at number three with our classic style tiny Tooth Fairy envelopes.  These are great for exchanging teeth for money, though we didn’t expect them to be so high up this list.  Mind you, they sure are pretty! 



Fairy Certificate of Beauty
Fairy Certificate of Beauty

2. Rising swiftly to number two is another resource from the fairies, our Fairy Certificate of Beauty.  As the certificate says, it’s for girls who are beautiful inside and out – sweetly sentimental and a good one to hang on the nursery wall.  Don’t forget that there’s also an editable pdf version of this resource, which you can type your child’s name straight onto.


letter from the monster who lives in your house, saying that he's moving out.
Letter from the Monster in Your House:
“I’m Moving Out!”

1. And finally, at number one is a new resource for all the family – our latest letter from the monster who lives in your house, saying he’s moving out.  We’re not surprised this one has been popular, it’s funny and magical all at the same time.