The Wrong Sack


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Free Father Christmas Letter - The Wrong SackThis letter is to read on Christmas Morning. It has been handwritten, illustrated in watercolour, then scanned. Its gentle story-telling style is suitable for any child.

What’s it about? Oops! Father Christmas was in such a rush to leave the North Pole that he picked up the wrong sack.  In this letter, he tells your child how he was speeding through the air on his sleigh, when he heard a rustling sound. He rummaged inside his sack and discovered that instead of presents, a fat green creature was inside. It was a litterbug, a magical animal that usually lives in the Christmas House rubbish sacks. A hurried return home is in order.

This letter is funny and easy-going; a great choice for children of all ages.

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Further Info: Our letters from Father Christmas are written and illustrated by Leone Annabella Betts. Her letters all tell magical stories and have been enjoyed by thousands of children for over ten years. You might like to know that our full-length story-letters are signed “Father Christmas” rather than “Santa Claus”. Also, in spite of the rise of holidays to see Father Christmas in Lapland, we have gone with the notion of him living at the North Pole. This is because our letters are meant to be enjoyed worldwide, whereas trips to Lapland are largely a European trend. If you are worried about giving your child one of our letters because he/she believes strongly that Father Christmas lives in Lapland, we suggest you tell him/her either that Santa has more than one house, or that his house is so magical that it can be in more than one place at the same time. Hope that helps! You can find out more about Father Christmas here.

TerFairyms of Use: Copyright of this Father Christmas letter remains with its author, L A Betts, who has given permission for it to be downloaded and/or printed for personal use. It may not be used commercially. For more information you can read Rooftop Post’s Terms of Use.

Don’t forget, you can get that extra authentic look by printing a matching decorative design on the reverse of your Father Christmas letter.

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