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Christmas Eve Box Letters

So, if you’ve found this page you’re probably planning to put together a Christmas Eve box, but if this tradition has passed you by, the idea is that you put together a box of small gifts which can be opened on Christmas Eve.

Some people add a treat for each member of the family, while others prefer a collection of things for everyone to share. Either way, a letter from Father Christmas is a popular addition, especially if it encourages the children to go to bed on time!

By the way, this page is new as of December 2021, and we hope to add more Christmas Eve box letters soon.

Best of Before Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and if you’re looking for some festive printables before the big day, we’ve rounded up our favourites below:

Father Christmas Letter: Try Your Best to Be Good
This is a simple, illustrated Father Christmas letter, asking a child to try their best to be good. It is free to print out for your child.
Try Your Best to Be Good

This letter is a handy reminder to your child that they need to try their best to behave in the run up to Christmas.

Well Done For Trying Your Best
A note from Father Christmas saying well done for trying your best.
Well Done for Trying Your Best

This is a great pre-Christmas note for a child who has tried really had to be good – whether or not they have accomplished it! At the end of the day, it’s all about effort, after all.

Christmas Tidy Bedroom Certificate
Certificate from Father Christmas to open before Christmas Eve saying well done for having a tidy bedroom
Tidy Bedroom Certificate for Before Christmas

This one’s a great way to reward your child for tidying their room, and hopefully encourage them to keep it tidy until Christmas!

Easy-to-fill-in Template of a Letter to Santa
An easy printable template for sending a letter to Santa for your child.
Letter to Santa Multiple Choice Template

If you’ve got a very young child, or one with writing challenges, this letter to Santa provides a fun, multiple-choice scaffold for them to fill in.

You might also like our easy-to-fill-in Christmas List.

Nice List Certificate
Printable Nice List certificate from Santa Claus
You’re on the Nice List

This one’s a classic.  Year in, year out, we find visitors like to go the extra hog and download a certificate confirming their child is on the Nice List.  It’s probably best to hand this one over to your child quite close to the big da, because as soon as they know Santa is definitely coming, well, that’s when they get really excited, of course!

Printable Envelopes for Boys and Girls:
Christmas Eve Box Letters

Putting together a box of lovely things to open on Christmas Eve is a fast-growing tradition. A letter from Santa Claus is a popular thing to include, so we’ve created one just with that in mind.

Santa Claus Letter: Helpful Mice
Free printable letter from Danta Claus to give to your child. This one is about how busy everyone is at Santa's house, getting ready for Christmas. It was written by Leone Betts.
Helpful Mice – A letter from Santa Claus

This is a short but magical letter, letting your little one know that everyone is very busy at Santa’s house and that he can’t wait to bring your presents.  It’s a great choice of letter for a young child, as it’s colourful, magical and easy to read.  If your little one likes mice, it’s even better!

You can see the the rest of our letters for before Christmas here.


Don’t forget, if you want that double-sided look to your printed letter, you’ll need one of our letter backs
A folded Santa latter which has had a back printed on it, for that extra authentic look.


Letters We Love

These are the letters from around the Christmas area of our website which we love the most.  Most are from Santa, but there’s something from the reindeer and the elves too.  Please find them below:

Santa letter for a child who has had a difficult year
Printable letter from Santa to read on Christmas Morning, for a child who's had a difficult year.
I Know You’ve Had a Hard Year

Not every year is easy, and this short letter from Father Christmas acknowledges that this year has been hard, and offers hope that next one will be better.  It was originally written with the coronavirus pandemic in mind, but will work well for many difficult circumstances.  We like it because as well as being magical, it’s positive and kind.

Thanks for the carrot letter from Rudolph
A printable letter from Rudolph the Reindeer, saying thank you to a child who has been thoughtful enough to leave a carrot out on Christmas Eve.
Thanks for the Carrot

This letter from Rudolph serves as an amusing thank you for any child who has left a carrot out for Rudolph.  It’s meant to be read on Christmas Day of course, but why not print a copy now and pop it away so you’ll be ready.  Not every child gets a letter from a reindeer, and we like this one just because of the look of surprise it produces in the morning.

Rules for a visiting elf
Printable rules for a Christmas elf who is visiting your house, such as an Elf on the Shelf
Christmas Elf Rules

With the Elf on a Shelf trend growing bigger every year, we love this printable set of rules.  In case your elf sits on a chair or a table rather than a shelf, this works just as well.  Also, it doesn’t matter what your elf looks like, as there are no elves pictured.




Handwritten Father Christmas letter – The Runaway Table

Our handwritten letters, provided by L A Betts, are just wonderful, and this is one of our favourites, because it gives a sense of how steeped in Christmas magic Santa’s life is.  From spiders who spin words into their webs from tables that go cantering over the hills when nobody’s looking, it’s an enchanting look at his home in the run up to Christmas.  It can be read any time before Christmas, and it’s probably best for older children, due to the small, wriggly handwriting.

Santa Letter Saying Well Done for Washing Your Hands
This is a free printable letter from Santa from our pandemic-themed range. It tells a child well done for washing your hands, and should be read before Christmas.
Well Done for Washing Your Hands – A letter from Santa to read before Christmas

Like many of you, we were hoping the pandemic would be coming to an end by Christmas.  However, as it’s still ongoing, this short, festive message is a great way to encourage children to carry on washing their hands.  It’s a gently positive letter, written in Father Christmas’ usual chatty and magical tone.  We hope you find it useful.

Father Christmas Letter – Mince Pies with Mum
A magical letter from Father Christmas to print for your child. In it, Santa says that he has had a cuppa and some mince pies with your Mum, who told him how hard you've been trying to be good.
Mince Pies with Your Mum

If you’re a mum, this magical letter is a great way to let your child know you regularly have a chat with Father Christmas.

In it, Santa tells your child that you’ve recently had a cuppa and some mince pies with him, and that you’ll likely be seeing him again before the big day.  We love how it makes parents part of the magic.

Father Christmas Letter – Mince Pies with Dad
A lovely letter from Father Christmas to print for your child. In it, Santa explains how he has had a cuppa and some mince pies with your Dad, who told him you're trying very hard to be good.
Mince Pies with Your Dad

If you’re a dad, this magical letter is a great way to let your child know you regularly have a chat with Father Christmas.

In it, Santa tells your child that you’ve recently had a cuppa and some mince pies with him, and that you’ll likely be seeing him again before the big day.  We love that it makes parents part of the magic.




Elf Essentials

One of Father Christmas' elvesThis is a post for all things elvish!

As you might have noticed, elves are becoming more and more popular around Christmas time, so we hope you enjoy our free elf printables.

We hope to add more soon.

Elf Letters

Our letters from the elves are particularly popular in the run up to Christmas, and are a great way of encouraging (and rewarding!) good behaviour.

Are you doing Elf on a Shelf for your children this year?   If so, these letters from the elf in your house might be really useful.  Please note that we haven’t use the exact words Elf on a Shelf though, because lots of our parents like to do their own version of a visiting elf, who doesn’t necessarily sit on a shelf!  So we’ve tried to cater to everybody.



Elf Certificates

You can see more Elf Certificates like those above here.

Nice List Confirmation for a Boy:

Printable confirmation from Father Christmas's elves that this boy is on the Nice List
You’re on the Nice List – Boy

Nice List Confirmation for a Girl:

Printable confirmation that this girl is on Santa's Nice List
You’re on the Nice List – Girl
List for Father Christmas/Santa Claus:

Elf Message Leaves

Leave these holly leaves around your home for your children to find – each one has a magical message from Santa’s elves. Just print out the leaf of your choice, cut it out, fold in half and glue together.



About Father Christmas


Santa Claus
Santa Claus

As there are millions of pages out there about Father Christmas, we thought that rather than use this one to tell you about the general myth of Santa, we’d use it to tell you about ours. That’s to say the Santa Claus we depict in our letters and other resources. We know you’ll all have your own family Father Christmas stories too, because that’s part of the wonderful magic of Christmas but we hope you find our thoughts on the magical man useful – and if you’re looking for ideas as to how to bring some fresh magic into your little one’s life, you can always blend them with yours.

Where does Santa live?

Santa's House at the North Pole
Christmas House – Santa’s Home at the North Pole

Father Christmas lives in a magical house at the very top of the world – the North Pole. For anyone visiting him in Lapland, we tell children that his house is so magical it moves around from time to time, though it can only go where it’s snowy and cold. He lives with lots of helpers, including elves, fairies and all sorts of other magical folk.

Other Important Buildings Near Santa’s Home

As well his house, there are a handful of other buildings which are very important to Father Christmas.

The Christmas Tree Workshop

This is one of the places the elves like to go to make toys and it’s a workshop with a difference because it’s built into a giant, magical Christmas tree.

The Reindeer Stables

The reindeer stables are where Rudolph and the other reindeer live. It’s probably one of the most magical places of all.  A great letter from Father Christmas for finding out more about the reindeer is “A Kitchen Full of Reindeer“.  It’s free to print out for your child.

The Iceberg Supermarket

This magical building doesn’t belong to Father Christmas but he goes there all the time. It’s a shopping mall inside an iceberg!