The Runaway Table

What’s this letter about?

Quick Rundown:

Keen to escape the pre-Christmas chaos, Father Christmas has taken himself down to his cellar – where he knows he’ll get some peace and quiet. From there he writes to tell your child about lots of magical things in his house, including spiders who spin artworks and furniture with a mind of its own!

More Detail:

“The Runaway Table” is an amusing letter  which is a good all-rounder and a nice choice for any child.

In the run up to Christmas, many parents tell us they like to read our letters as bedtime stories. This letter should appeal to any child with a fertile imagination and a good sense of humour.

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An illustrated letter from Santa about a magical table that loves at his house and goes out on secret adventures at night.
The Runaway Table – Letter from Santa to Read in the Run Up to Christmas

Don’t forget, you can get that extra authentic look by printing a matching decorative design on the reverse of your Father Christmas letter.

Printable Letter from Father Christmas Folded to Show Decorative Back

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