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You’ve probably heard about Santa’s magic key for getting into your house on Christmas Eve, but what about the elves who visit in the run up to Christmas?  If you want to invite the elves in to check someone’s being good, you could leave them a magic elf key.  Just hang it out when it’s okay for one to pop round.  No peeping though, they’re very shy!

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The idea here is that some families like the elves, or one particular elf, to pop round to the house in the run up to Christmas.  If a child has been good, the elf often leaves a small gift to say well done and encourage him/her to keep it up.  It’s a sweet idea and is especially popular with those who have an Elf on the Shelf or something similar.

Our key comes with a green ribbon so that you can hang it out when you want the elf to come round, a small star which read “just for you” and a little poem explaining what to do.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the key-bit is “E” shaped (E for elf) – which adds an extra touch of magic!

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