The Knotty North Wind


As with all letters for before Christmas, Santa puts pen to paper to tell your child some magical news from the North Pole.  His chief concern in this letter is a problem that he and the elves are having with the North Wind, who has managed to get himself into trouble up on the roof.  Father Christmas, who has only just put his feet up, will have to put down his mince pie and sort the matter out.  (Scroll down for more detail.)

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Before Christmas Letter: The Knotty North Wind

NOTE: An unpersonalised version of this letter is available to print for free elsewhere on our site. Many people still purchase it because they want us to add their child’s name, a special P. S., wrap it with ribbon and place it in a beautiful Christmas envelope, but others are happy with without those things. It’s up to you!

What does Father Christmas write about in this letter?

“The Knotty North Wind” is a lovely, light-hearted letter for a child to read before Christmas. Father Christmas has had a busy day of wrapping up presents and has just put his feet up, when his house gives a sudden shake. One of his elves shouts down the chimney for help and he zips up to the roof to find out what on earth is going on. All becomes clear when he sees that the poor old North Wind has got himself tangled up in a knot of Christmas decorations which have caught on one of the chimneys. To make matters worse, he is so strong that every time he tries to blow away, he nearly takes the house with him! Fortunately, Father Christmas and the elves manage to set him free.

What else would it be useful to know?

If you are thinking of adding your own P.S., (this is optional), you might like to know that this letter starts, “My elves have told me that you’ve been so good this year that I thought I’d take the time to write you this special letter before Christmas to say well done.” Therefore, you don’t really need to add anything like “well done for being good”, as it’s already been said.

Also, the letter ends, “I can’t wait to drop your presents off on Christmas Eve”, so you don’t need to add that either.

This letter is suitable for boys or girls and as with all our creations, there is no religious content in it, it’s just a bit of magical fun.

What’s all this about adding a P.S.?

If you like, you can add a short P. S. to this letter. It’s your chance to play Santa!

Customers usually add something personal which is just for that child. Some examples from other parents are: “Well done for that brilliant story you wrote for your teacher. You’re so good with words – it’s quite a talent!” or “Give your brother a hug from me and tell your cat my reindeer are looking forward to a chat with him on Christmas Eve!” You get the idea.

We will place the P. S. on the bottom of the letter, using a font of Father Christmas’s curly handwriting. Please note that while we try our best to be vigilant, we cannot guarantee that we will spot any typos or spelling errors you may make.

Adding your own P.S. is entirely optional – the letters look just as pretty without.

We do not charge extra for this service.

How is the letter packaged?

This letter is gently folded, tied with a ribbon, and placed in a colourful envelope bearing your child’s name. The whole thing is then placed in a plain envelope for posting, addressed to a parent or guardian. This is so that if there are small eyes around when it arrives – it looks like an ordinary piece of mail. Tip: We suggest that you leave your child’s before Christmas letter somewhere around your house for him or her to find. There’s nothing like the look on a child’s face when they think a letter has magically appeared!

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