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Is your little one crazy about Rudolph?  Get him or her to sprinkle Rudolph’s favourite food outside on Christmas Eve.  Rudolph will spot it from the sky and swoop down with the sleigh, thrilled to deliver the presents to his special friend.

Children who are Rudolph fans love leaving something just for him before bed on Christmas Eve and this little packet of food is great for making them feel specially connected to their favourite reindeer.

  • Rudolph Food is a Toy
  • It is not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  • It is not fit for human consumption.
  • Ingredients: Oats, Sugar Balls, Sugar Crystals

Sorry, but we cannot send Rudolph Food to those living outside the United Kingdom.

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“Rudolph Food” is Rudolph’s favourite blend of reindeer food. The idea here is that it gives your child a way of expressing friendship with Father Christmas’ most well known reindeer.

It has a little four line poem on the front of the packet explaining that if your child leaves some out on Christmas Eve, Rudolph will spot it and know that he or she is a special friend.

Of course, it’s always best to sprinkle the reindeer food before bed, for as everyone knows, none of Father Christmas’ reindeer will land unless children are fast asleep!

You may also wish to know that Rudolph’s food differs from our other reindeer food because as well as oats and sugar crystals, it contains tiny red sugar balls to look like red noses. Of course it’s always best to sweep food up after the children have gone to bed but in case you don’t manage to, ours shouldn’t harm the birds.

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