Santa’s Magic Key


A beautiful key and magical accompanying poem for children without a chimney. Comes straight from Santa and lets your little one know that the key will change shape to fit your door on Christmas Eve.  (Scroll down for further detail.)

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Personalised Name Tag

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No chimney? Then you need Santa’s magic key.

What’s it for?

In recent years, the “magic key” tradition has been growing in popularity for children without a chimney. The idea is that as soon as Santa touches it, this key can change shape to fit any door… including yours!

What’s included?

This key comes with a truly magical poem, written by Santa.  It tells your little one what the key is made of – everything from dwarfish silver to mermaid laughter – and what to do with it on Christmas Eve.

Poem explaining Santa's magic key
Poem explaining Santa’s magic key

We suggest you leave the little bag conatining the key and poem somewhere for your child to find before Christmas, as though Santa has popped by to deliver it.  Under a child’s pillow is a good place.

All you have to do on Christmas Eve, is get your child to hang it outside your front door so that Father Christmas can let himself in.

How is it packaged?

Each key arrives carefully folded and tied with a ribbon.  The little poem is also folded and tied with a ribbon.  A pretty, handwritten tag is tied to the key with some colourful string and the whole thing comes in a festive organza bag.  The best way to see what you get is to look at the pictures above.

As with our letters, this product is sent through the post in a plain bubble envelope, addressed to the parent or guardian.  This is so that little eyes don’t notice it arrive.

Personalised Tag:

If you like, we can write your child’s name on the tag in silver ink.

What else do I need to know?

  • We do not recommend Santa’s Magic Key for children under 5 years, due to small parts (the tiny silver star) and string.
  • Metal key is made from: Zinc Alloy
  • Colour of key: Vintage Silver Tone
  • Free delivery within the UK

Additional information

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Dimensions 82 mm


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