The Tree, the Rats, the Presents and the Cats


In this letter, a magical tree turns up at Christmas House to warn Father Christmas of a plot to steal the presents.  A gang of rats must be stopped before they can sneak in and make off with the lot!  Fortunately, the elves have hatched a plan…  (Scroll down for a longer description)

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Before Christmas Letter: The Tree, the Rats, the Presents and the Cats

What does Father Christmas write about in this letter?

“The Tree, the Rats, the Presents and the Cats” is about a plot to steal the Christmas presents. One morning not so long ago, Father Christmas was enjoying his breakfast when he was interrupted by a somewhat unusual visitor – a talking tree. The tree had come from a magical forest nearby, where it had overheard a gang of rats plotting to sneak into Father Christmas’ house and run off with all the gifts. Forewarned is forearmed and with the help of his elves and a clever bit of magic, Father Christmas sends them on their way.

What else would it be useful to know?

This letter is a good choice for any child who likes a bit of excitement. It’s one of our best sellers. You might like to note that this letter begins, “My elves have told me that you’ve been ever so good this year, so I’m writing you this letter before Christmas to say well done”, so there’s no need to repeat this if you’re adding your own P.S.

AGE RANGE ADVICE: This is lovely choice of letter for children of around seven plus years.  It’s a magical little narrative, a real insight into Father Christmas’ wonderful world.  If you’re shopping for younger children, it’s still a great gift to keep and look back on when they’re older.

What’s all this about adding a P.S.?

If you like, you can add a short P. S. to this letter. It’s your chance to play Santa!

Customers usually add something personal which is just for that child. Some examples from other parents are: “Well done for that brilliant story you wrote for your teacher. You’re so good with words – it’s quite a talent!” or “Give your brother a hug from me and tell your cat my reindeer are looking forward to a chat with him on Christmas Eve!” You get the idea.

We will place the P. S. on the bottom of the letter, using a font of Father Christmas’s curly handwriting. Please note that while we try our best to be vigilant, we cannot guarantee that we will spot any typos or spelling errors you may make.

Adding your own P.S. is entirely optional – the letters look just as pretty without.

We do not charge extra for this service.

How is the letter packaged?

This letter is gently folded, tied with a ribbon, and placed in a colourful envelope bearing your child’s name. The whole thing is then placed in a plain envelope for posting, addressed to a parent or guardian. This is so that if there are small eyes around when it arrives – it looks like an ordinary piece of mail. Tip: We suggest that you leave your child’s before Christmas letter somewhere around your house for him or her to find. There’s nothing like the look on a child’s face when they think a letter has magically appeared!

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