Wolves on the Way Home


Wolves have chased one of Father Christmas’ elves home! As they huddle together in Christmas House, Father Christmas and his magical helpers can hear them howling at the door. What on earth are they to do? Fortunately, a small fairy has a clever plan, the outcome of which leaves Father Christmas not only relieved, but highly entertained.  (Scroll down for more detail)

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Before Christmas Letter: Wolves on the Way Home

What does Father Christmas write about in this letter?

Father Christmas pens your child this letter after a very busy week and not enough sleep.  This is largely because a few days ago his chief elf, Mr Likesalist, was followed home by a pack of hungry wolves!  Attracted by the smell of chocolate they surrounded Father Christmas’s house and stayed there deep into the night.  All Father Christmas’s helpers puzzled over what to do until a tiny fairy came up with a clever plan.  With the help of a little fairy dust she sent them on their way – and the Christmas chocolates are safe once more.

What else would it be useful to know?

Parents have told us that this letter is popular with slightly older children as opposed to toddlers, and goes down well with boys. You might also like to know that the wolves in the story are after the Christmas chocolates rather than people – so it’s nothing like as scary as it sounds!

In the body of the letter, Father Christmas has already written, “I’m jolly pleased to hear how good you’ve been”, so there is no need to repeat this if you are adding your own P.S.

What’s all this about adding a P.S.?

If you like, you can add a short P. S. to this letter. It’s your chance to play Santa!

Customers usually add something personal which is just for that child. Some examples from other parents are: “Well done for that brilliant story you wrote for your teacher. You’re so good with words – it’s quite a talent!” or “Give your brother a hug from me and tell your cat my reindeer are looking forward to a chat with him on Christmas Eve!” You get the idea.

We will place the P. S. on the bottom of the letter, using a font of Father Christmas’s curly handwriting. Please note that while we try our best to be vigilant, we cannot guarantee that we will spot any typos or spelling errors you may make.

Adding your own P.S. is entirely optional – the letters look just as pretty without.

We do not charge extra for this service.

How is the letter packaged?

This letter is gently folded, tied with a ribbon, and placed in a colourful envelope bearing your child’s name. The whole thing is then placed in a plain envelope for posting, addressed to a parent or guardian. This is so that if there are small eyes around when it arrives – it looks like an ordinary piece of mail. Tip: We suggest that you leave your child’s before Christmas letter somewhere around your house for him or her to find. There’s nothing like the look on a child’s face when they think a letter has magically appeared!

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