Write Your Own Father Christmas Letter (Design A)

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We stop taking DIY letter orders for Christmas 2018 on Monday 3rd December.

Write your own letter from Father Christmas (or Santa) and we will carefully place your words on a magical letter.  This is one of our most popular types of Father Christmas letter – it seems everyone loves to play Santa! Why don’t you give it a go?

Letters are limited to 1600 characters – that’s about 300 to 350 words. There is an inbuilt character counter below, so that you can keep an eye on how many you have used up as you type.

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Who is this letter for? *

Your Letter *

Type the text of your letter below, exactly as you would like to read it. We will do the rest. (You can make this box bigger by dragging the bottom right corner, so that you can see what you’ve written so far.)


What’s this product all about?
The idea here is that you get to play Father Christmas and create a completely personalised Father Christmas letter for your child.  You write the letter contents in the box above – and we will change it into our special font and arrange it as a beautiful letter.

It’s a great fun to do for your own child – or as a special present for someone else’s!

How much shall I write?
You can write a long letter or a short one. If you don’t want to write very much, we will make the writing on your letter bigger, so that it fits the page. On the other hand, if you want to write a long letter, we will make the writing slightly smaller.

You have enough space to write up to 1600 characters.  This equates to about 300 to 350 words, depending on how long the words are.    To give you an idea of how long that really feels, one page of a standard-format hardcover book  is 350 words, so there should be plenty of space to write everything you need!  There’s an inbuilt character counter which will stop you writing more than that because we can’t fit it on the letter, but to be honest, most people finish their letters long before that kicks in.

Is there a spellcheck?
No, we’re sorry but we don’t have an inbuilt spellcheck on this site.  Our webmaster tried to add one but  he couldn’t get it working in time for this Christmas.  Therefore, we recommend that you check your spelling carefully the old fashioned way – by being vigilant.  Here is a link to a free online spellchecker for any words you’re not sure of.

If we spot any obvious spelling mistakes, we will try to correct them but we cannot guarantee that we will see them.  Sometimes we miss things, especially when we are busy.

What are the advantages of a DIY letter?
There are lots. In fact, the reason this product is available again is that so many people have said they missed it! A few obvious advantages to a DIY Christmas letter are:

swirl  You can add as many children’s names to one letter as you like. (This could save you money and time.)

swirl  By adding lots of personal details, you can really go to town on convincing a child that Father Christmas knows all about him or her, making that child feel special.

christmas swirl  You can make your letter ideal for the age of the child it’s for.

  You can sign it “Santa Claus”, or “Father Christmas” or F.C.” or “St Nicholas” or whatever you like to call him in your house.

xmas swirl  Finally – writing your own magical letter can help you get in the mood for Christmas yourself, because basically, it’s such good fun!

Tip: If you are writing a lengthy letter, it’s always a good idea to do it on your word processor first, so that you can check the spelling and save an extra copy.

How is the letter packaged?
Each letter is sprinkled with a tiny pinch of glitter and sprinkles, gently folded, tied with a ribbon and placed in a colourful envelope bearing your child’s name.  The whole thing is then placed in a plain envelope for posting, addressed to a parent or guardian. This is so that if there are small eyes around when it arrives – it looks like an ordinary piece of mail.

At Rooftop Post, it is our policy not to reproduce any type of adult content. This includes swear words, lewd comments, threatening language, or anything else that we consider to be inappropriate for children. If we receive an order with adult content in it, we will cancel it immediately and refund your payment. Thank you for keeping this in mind.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love these and I’m writing this review because I had made two small spelling errors and panicked when the email came thru to say they had been shipped because that is the first time I noticed them. However this company had corrected them for me!!!! I’m not saying that you should risk making errors or anything but I was so impressed by their attention to detail. Everything about the letter says time has been taken. Such a nice change. They made my letter look beautiful.

    • Admin RP

      Thank you for leaving us a review – sorry it took us a couple of days to notice! We do try to pick up on typos, though we can’t make any guarantees that we’ll do so. We’re very glad you’re happy with your letter, it’s a pleasure to be of service and we wish you a wonderful Christmas.

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