A Kitchen Full of Reindeer

What’s this letter about?

A drawing of Comet the reindeer by Father Christmas in one of his letters
Santa’s drawing of Comet with in this letter

Quick Rundown:

Oh dear, oh dear! The reindeer’s stables have blown down and until Father Christmas can get them rebuilt, all his reindeer are living in the kitchen. He writes to tell your child about their capers and the trouble they’ve caused.

More Detail:

This is one of those letters full of magical news about what’s happening in Santa’s house. This time, the North wind has caught cold and accidentally blown down the reindeer’s stables, forcing all nine reindeer to move into the kitchen. Given that it’s full of delicious snacks, the reindeer are pretty happy about this, but Father Christmas’ fairy cook, Madam Munch, is definitely not feeling their joy. In fact, she gets so exasperated that she turns one of them (Comet) into a cupcake. Fortunately, Father Christmas turns him back and all ends well, with plans to build a new stable as soon as possible.

This is a great letter to read before Christmas for boys or girls of all ages.  It’s gently humorous, magical, and bound to get anyone thinking Christmassy thoughts.

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 letter written by Father Christmas about how his reindeer have taken over his kitchen while their new stable is being built
A Kitchen Full of Reindeer – Letter from Santa to Read in the Run Up to Christmas

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Printable Letter from Father Christmas Folded to Show Decorative Back

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