Blank & DIY Stationery

On this page you’ll find all our blank stationery for writing from or to Santa, or just for your Christmas messages to family and friends.

If you want to create a DIY Santa letter and need a bit of help, there should be something here to give you a hand.

Letters to Santa

Have you ended up here because you want to help your child write to Santa?  Does he or she have a few gifts in mind to ask for?  If so, the templates below should be able to help.  They’re free to print out and we’ve made sure that each one has a version for those who know him as “Father Christmas” and a version for “Santa Claus”. We hope you find them useful and that the presents your little one’s after aren’t too impossible to find!

Once your child has written his or her Christmas list (or letter) and sent it to Santa, you might like to check out our free Father Christmas notes so that you can send a reply.



Magic to print for your child!