Wish in a Bottle


Only really good children get one of these!  A fairy has fluttered through the fields and captured a wish in a bottle, just for you.

When you want to make a wish, whisper it to the wish-seed and the fairies will see what they can do.  They can’t perform miracles but they will send you the magic of positive energy and love.  You might not know it – but you already have it inside yourself to change the world for the better and make many a wish come true.

Not suitable for very small children – tiny parts are choking hazard and bottles are real glass.

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What’s it for?

The idea behind “Wish in a Bottle” comes from the tradition of blowing dandelion clocks and making wishes, but this time a fairy has flown across the fields and captured a tiny dandelion wish-seed to give to someone special.

Of course, if you are buying it as a Christmas extra, you can always make up your own story.  For example, we know one parent who tells her son that it’s a seed from Father Christmas’ own garden and that he sends it all the way from the North Pole.

Whatever story you choose, it’s the perfect extra for any little one who likes making Christmas wishes, and works best if you put the emphasis on fairies sending their love and support to help children make their own wishes come true.

What’s included?

A real dandelion seed in a tiny glass bottle and a pretty metal tag.  If you look closely, you will also see that the tip of the dandelion seed is dipped in fairy dust (glitter) to make it sparkle.  We tie a red ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle and the whole thing comes in a little organza bag.

Not suitable for children under 5 years.

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