Father Christmas

Kids Printables from Father Christmas

We specialise in free printable notes and letters from Father Christmas and can’t wait to share them with you. Feel free to browse the magical printables listed below and have a very merry Christmas.

Father Christmas / Santa Claus

Wondering where to start?

Our most popular Father Christmas printables to date are:


  • Santa’s Magic Mirror Writing” a letter from Santa written entirely in mirror writing! Children love this one, as it feels like a special secret note, written just for them. The contents of the letter reminds the recipient that the elves are keeping an eye out for some extra good behaviour in the run up to Christmas Eve.

Returning Visitors: If you are looking for our personalised Father Christmas letters, sadly our shop is now closed.  However, as you can see, we have had new letters designed this year as free printables.  They are just as beautiful – and they cost nothing – all you need is a printer.

Please note that at Rooftop Post we aim to create Christmas resources which are magical, make-believe and fun.  Because they are for children from all kinds of backgrounds all over the world, we do not produce religious content. 


About Father Christmas

This page is currently being rewritten – sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you’ll call back soon.  

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Mice eating cheese at Christmas, or as they would say "Christmouse"!

Christmas Colouring

Welcome to our Christmas colouring in gallery.  Whether you’re making homemade Christmas cards or just decorating your fridge door, a bit of festive colouring is always a fun way to help children get in the mood for Christmas. Our illustrators contribute free colouring in pages to add to this area whenever they can spare the …

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Print this door hanger to ask Santa to stop here!

Christmas Door Hangers

  As Christmas Eve approaches, you might like to get prepared with one of our printable door hangers.  Children love to hang these out for Santa to see when he visits – it’s all part of the Christmas magic! Please note that the copyright for all the door hangers above belongs to Rooftop Post and …

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Father Christmas Story-Letters - written and illustrated by Leone Betts

Father Christmas Letters

We offer two types of free Father Christmas story-letter.    Which type do you want?   or Our letters from Father Christmas tell stories and are full of beautiful illustrations.  You can’t get them elsewhere, they’re made specially for this site.

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Printable note from Father Christmas saying he knows you're not at home this year

Father Christmas Notes

Sorry this page has moved. You can now find all our notes from Father Christmas here: www.rooftoppost.co.uk/free/father-christmas/father-christmas-santa-notes/    

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Father Christmas Notes

Some know him as Santa Claus, some know him as Father Christmas.  Whatever you choose to call him, you should find the perfect Christmas note from him here.   These little messages are among our most popular resources and we hope you find them useful.  They’re a great way to spread a little extra Christmas magic …

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A printable award from Father Christmas saying well done for your beautiful handwriting.

Santa Certificates

  Above you will find our collection of free printable Santa certificates. We try to create new ones whenever we have the time.  All you need to do is print the certificate of your choice, (on most browsers just right click over the image with your mouse and you’ll see “print”), then add your child’s name.   You might …

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Printable Christmas Santa letter envelope for a boy

Santa Letters

Sorry this page has moved. You can now find all our notes from Santa here: www.rooftoppost.co.uk/free/father-christmas/father-christmas-santa-notes/    

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Where Are the Personalised Father Christmas Story Letters?

If you are a returning customer, you will have noticed that we no longer sell personalised story letters from Father Christmas.  This is because sadly, our Christmas letter shop did not survive the recent UK recession.  It closed some time ago, in spring 2013. As the most popular area of our website has long been …

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