Mermaid Colouring

A picture of a diverse group of mermaids and a merman, including fuller figures to represent a broader spectrum of inclusivity. They are floating underwater together, like one big, happy family.
Diverse Merpeople

Welcome to our collection of diverse mermaid colouring pages!  You might like to know that as well as trying to make each image as much fun to colour as possible, we have designed them with a deep commitment to inclusivity.  Our aim  here is to offer a vibrant underwater world where children of varied backgrounds abilities can see themselves, their friends and family members reflected in every swirl of colour and unique tail.

Alongside the usual depictions of mermaids as slim, young, female and so on, we have crafted ours to celebrate all kinds of strengths, abilities, and individual stories.  The merpeople in our collection, embody the spirit of empowerment and representation, and through these colouring pages, we hope to foster a sense of belonging and recognition, affirming that every child deserves to see themselves as part of the magical stories they love.

Like us, merpeople are all beautiful, no matter their age, body-shape or features.

We hope your little one enjoys all the wonderful diversity depicted in this magical underwater world!

Mermaid Teaching & Learning Ideas

A child drawing a mermaid, illustrating our ideas for mermaid-themed activities for children which encourage inclusion and diversity. Are you a teacher?  Or someone who just wants to get more out of these colouring pages?  Well, here are a few ideas you might like.

These activities aim to deepen children’s engagement with the colouring pages above, turning them into tools for discussion, learning, and celebration of diversity and inclusion:

    • Storytelling Sessions:  Ask children to create their own stories about the merpeople they colour.  You could get them to imagine the world these characters inhabit, their adventures, and the friends they meet.  One way into this would be to encourage them to think though “A Day in the Life of a Mermaid or Merman” of their choice, starting with what kind of bed they would wake up in and what their breakfast would be.   As well as being great for solo work, this could be a group activity where each child shares their story, promoting creativity and oral expression.
    • Diversity Discussions:  Use the diverse characters in these colouring pages as a starting point for discussions about the differences and similarities among people.  Teachers and parents can guide conversations about the importance of representation, the beauty and benefits of diversity, and how everyone has unique qualities that make them special.
    • Reflection on Personal Identity / Inclusive Art Show: Invite children to create a mermaid/merman that represents themselves or someone they admire, focusing on strengths, abilities, and attributes they value. This can be a powerful exercise in self-reflection and appreciation of personal and others’ identities, and you could then form an art exhibition—either in a real room or corridor, or in an online space everyone can visit.  Getting children to help organise the display would also be a lovely way to encourage them to pay attention to each other’s efforts and creativity.
    • If you want to get your children up and moving around, don’t forget we also have a lovely mermaid treasure hunt with rhyming clues which you can use.

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