Viking Runes Bunting

An Iron Age Runestone
Iron Age Runestone, Sweden

Viking runes are great fun if you’re having a Viking birthday party – kids just love them!  

Print the bunting below to spell out your child’s name in Viking runes for that extra bit of make-believe.  If you don’t know how to spell your child’s name in Viking runes, we recommend popping over to this runes translator (it’s on another website) which will do the job for you.  Hope you have fun. 

For those of you of a more scholarly bent, the runes below belong to the “Elder Futhark”, the oldest of the rune alphabets used by Northern Europeans before they adopted the Latin alphabet.  The earliest examples of these runes date from AD 150.  In today’s culture they are still used decoratively and some people consider them to have magical properties.  Famously, J. R. R. Tolkien was influenced by runes like these, as can be seen in the creation of his own rune languages such as “Dwarfish” and “Elvish”. 


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