Easter Bilby

This page is here to celebrate the answer to the Easter Bunny Down Under… the Easter Bilby!  Scroll down for free bilby notes, certificates and more.

Who is the Easter Bilby?

Easter Bilby

The Easter Bilby is an Australian alternative to the Easter Bunny.  Australians make up a large number of the visitors to this site, (along with British, Irish and Canadians and Americans), so this year we thought we’d create something especially for them.  The Easter Bilby seemed like the obvious choice, as we’ve often thought it’s a lovely idea which would be worth a bit of our time.

Bilbies are an endangered species of marsupial, native to Australia.  Cattle, sheep, feral cats, foxes and rabbits brought to the continent by the first settlers have put bilbies under huge pressure but there are national plans underway to save them.  Chocolate bilbies are sold in Australia in the run up to Easter to help raise awareness, and sometimes funds, to protect them.  They’re gorgeous looking creatures – a bit like a mixture between a mouse and a rabbit and a kangaroo with long pointy ears!

Here are our Printables So Far:

You can read a children’s story about the Easter Bilby on this not-for-profit website: easterbilby.weebly.com or read more about bilbies in general on Wikipedia.  Oh – and we should also mention that as well as celebrating Bilbies at Easter, Australia has a National Bilby Day every year in September, and a Save the Bilby Fund.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this page.  If you have and you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, do let others know.  We’d like to add more kids’ bilby resources in future and because of limited time, we try to prioritise the things we can see are popular.

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