Witch’s Pantry Potion Labels

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble, what would make your cauldron bubble?  Well, we’ve got a few ideas, and you can have a look through them on our free printable labels below.

These labels are a wonderfully spooky way to decorate for Halloween.  Just find yourself some empty jars and bottles, print and paste our labels on, and place them around your home.  They look especially good in cobwebby corners!

What we love about this resource is that it’s lots of fun getting the kids involved too – especially when it comes to filling up the jars.  For the potion ingredients, it’s time to get creative!  If you’re scrabbling around for ideas, here are some suggestions: red paint or water with red food colouring in for the Vampyre Bat Blood, sugar or sherbet for Fairy Dust, leaves from your garden or bay leaves from your kitchen for Haunted Herbs, sequins for Dragon Scales, and Assorted Warts could be made with plasticine or children’s modelling clay.  As for things like the Witch’s Cackle and Unicorn Spit, why not let the kids make up what they look like out of whatever they can find in your house?  Their guess is as good as ours!

Printable Labels for Potion Ingredients…

Here are our printable sheets of witch’s potion labels.  There are eight labels per sheet:

And here are the individual labels, in case you’d like to pick and choose which ones to print:

And here’s a few more:

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