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Fairy Certificates
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Fairy Notepaper
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Tooth Fairy
Birthday Fairy

Fairies are always a great favourite with children, particularly girls, and we’re very keen on creating as many fairy printables as we can. They’re all free for personal use and we hope you and your family enjoy them.


Wondering what other parents like best?

If you want a quick over view of out most popular fairy printables, we’ve put them below:

Fiary certificates
Fairy Certificates

Fairy Certificates…

Every little girl loves a certificate from the fairies. Ours are all free and ready to print. They’re great for pinning to the fridge or even putting in a frame and hanging in your child’s bedroom. They also make great gifts or give-aways at parties.

The most popular fairy certificate we’ve made so far is our Fairy Certificate of Beauty – for girls who are beautiful inside and out. In creating these certificates, we aim to help you sprinkle a bit more magic into your little ones’ lives.

Fairy Cupcake Wrapper
Fairy Cupcake Wrapper

Fairy Cupcakes…

If you’re having a fairy party, our fairy cupcake wrappers might be just the thing. They’re a lovely way to give your cupcakes that homemade look, even if (like us!) you haven’t had time to bake them yourself.

Fairy Notepaper
Fairy Notepaper

Fairy Notepaper…

Our blank fairy notepaper was created as an afterthought because several people wrote and asked for it.  We’ve tried to provide a range of designs for you to choose from.

Just print the notepaper you like best then write whatever you want on it – or pass it on to your children.  There are a couple of fairy envelopes you/they can make too.  We hope you have fun.

Four fold card from the Dummy Fairy
Card from the Dummy Fairy

Other Fairy Printables…

We also have these individual fairy resources scattered around the site:
Four Fold Card from the Dummy Fairy
Fairy Friends Bookmark
Fairy Envelope
Fairy Certificate for Kindness to Cats

tooth-fairy-in-skyOh, and don’t forget…

You can print Tooth Fairy certificates, notes and tiny tooth and money envelopes.

Find even more fairy things below…

Midsummer Magic

Ah Midsummer!  What a wonderful, magical time.  It conjures up long light evenings, fairies of the forests and fields, Shakespearean fantasies, and moonlit picnics.  We love all these things and more.  Whether you’re celebrating the Solstice or having a Midsummer’s Eve Party or just a family celebration on Midsummer’s Day, all our Midsummer printables are … Continue reading Midsummer Magic

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Fairy Garlands

Fairy Garland Hanging from a Tree

For little ones who love fairies, these easy-to-make garlands are a great way to make a fairy party look magical.  They also look great in bedrooms… where the fairies can watch over you all night long. To make this decoration, you will need: How to Make Your Summer Sky Fairy Garland: STEP 1 Decide how … Continue reading Fairy Garlands

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Make a Miniature Tooth Fairy Letter

A tiny letter from the Tooth Fairy held in someone's fingers.

There are many beautiful Tooth Fairy letters out there in the cloud and some of the loveliest ones are very small.  Fairy-sized in fact.  However, it can be rather fiddly to find a tiny pen (and perhaps your strongest reading glasses!) to write one yourself, so we thought we’d post a couple that are ready-written … Continue reading Make a Miniature Tooth Fairy Letter

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Your Fairy Ideas

Fairy ideas for notes and other printables

Hello dear visitors!  First of all a big thank you to all of you who have dropped us a line since the new year with your fairy requests and ideas.  We LOVE to hear your thoughts.  As you know, we don’t always have time to make everything we would want to, but we do try … Continue reading Your Fairy Ideas

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Birthday Certificates

Hello visitor!  If you’re a regular you may have noticed we’ve been adding to our birthday printables lately, with a special focus on certificates.  However, because they’re from all sorts of magical people, they’re scattered all over the site.  This page is here to bring them all together so you can see what’s new. All … Continue reading Birthday Certificates

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Free notes letters certificates & more!