Here are our FAQs.  If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line.

1. Do you have any Birthday Fairy printables?
Yes, we do.  You can find them here.

2. Will you personalise an online resource (or download) for me?
Sorry, no.  Our free printables are templates that you can personalise however you wish – but we don’t do it for you.  We did used to have an online personalised letter shop but it was costly to run and nowhere near as popular as our free printables, so sadly, we have had to close it.

3. Can I ask you to design a specific printable resource?
We always take feedback from our site users into account, but we cannot promise to create specific resources.

4. I usually come to Rooftop Post to buy personalised Father Christmas letters.  Where is the Father Christmas letter shop?
Sadly, we have had to close our online letter shop as it was too costly to run any longer and was nowhere near as popular as this free resources area of our site.  We are a small family team and we also found it difficult to comply with the new GDPR legislation because we were capturing such personal details about our customers, such as the names of their children and the wealth of personal data in the extra messages parents asked us to include in the Santa letters.  If you are a past customer, please rest assured that we kept your data secure while our shop was open and that we have now destroyed it.

5. Where are your terms and conditions?
The terms and conditions governing the use of our free printables are here: https://www.rooftoppost.co.uk/free/info/terms-and-conditions/.

If you’re just trying to find out about copyright of our free printables, it’s explained here: www.rooftoppost.co.uk/free/info/copyright.

6. Who writes and illustrates the Father Christmas story-letters?
Father Christmas of course!  But he is helped by Leone Annabella Betts.  She is a writer, illustrator and teacher and in spite of the many projects she works on each year, the Father Christmas letters continue to have a special place in her heart.

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