Mother’s Day Colouring

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Looking for some printable colouring for Mother’s Day?  we have a few below, carefully designed for children of all ages to enjoy.  In creating them we have focused on magical creatures as well as the animal world.

Why bother with printable colouring in our digital world?

Sometimes people wonder whether to bother with printing out colouring pages for children (or indeed adults!) in a world where there are so many activities to do online.  However, colouring with real pens on real paper is more than just a fun activity, it helps children develop their fine motor skills.  And colouring on a digital device is not the same – using pencils, crayons, or markers to colour things in on paper requires a different set of motor skills compared to tapping or swiping on a screen.  Holding and manipulating these tools can improve hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor skills.   Plus of course, there’s the fact that colouring on paper gives children a rest from all the distractions online.  To be honest, a bit of time spent colouring on paper is good for adults too, for as we’re all realising, reducing screen time can help alleviate eye strain, promote better sleep patterns, and encourage more physical activity.

Another big reason to invite your child to colour in a printable page is that on days such as Mother’s Day, a picture they’ve worked on can make a beautiful gift!  There’s a real sense of accomplishment which comes with being able to give someone something you’ve made look good, too.  So it’s also an excellent way to amplify the joy of giving.  Talking of which, you might find our printable Mother’s Day cards useful – like our colouring, we designed them with young children in mind.