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Printable Mother’s Day Cards

We thought we’d put some free printable Mother’s Day cards together for those of you who need them.  In keeping with the rest of our site, we designed them to be gentle, cute, and magical—the kind of thing children love.  We’ve created heart-warming scenes both from the animal kingdom and other, more magical worlds.  From baby foxes and koalas to enchanting fairies, each card is designed to capture the special bond between mothers and their little ones.

You should be able to see all the cards we have so far below, just pick one and click or tap on it to get the PDF.  So, dive in and select a card (or two!) that speaks to you.  Print them out and prepare to make this Mother’s Day not just special, but magical.  Because every mother deserves a touch of magic on her special day.

First up we have cute caterpillars and hedgehogs:

Next, we have a cards depicting a beautiful mother and baby fox and a bright, sunny scene with mother duck and her duckling:

Cats and mice may seem very different but they both make lovely Mother’s Day cards:

Down at the bottom of the garden, bumblebees and frogs are also celebrating Mother’s Day in these beautiful cards:

Looking for animals from warmer climes?  Mother Parrot and Mother Koala receive cards from their little ones below:

And now for a bit of magic!  Here’s Mother’s Day for dragons and fairies… perfect for your own magical mum:

Whether you’re a parent looking to craft a memorable Mother’s Day with your child, or a teacher seeking resources for a classroom activity, these cards offer a perfect way to express love and appreciation.  They’re all designed with children in mind and we hope you find the perfect match for your little one’s Mother’s Day celebration.

Making a printable Mother's Day cad by carefully cutting along the lines with scissors.
Print onto card and cut out

We recommend you print them onto cardstock rather than paper, so that they are sturdy enough to stand up properly.  The images are large so you may need to fit them to the page if you don’t have software that does this for you.  You will also need a sharp pair of scissors to cut off the excess around the edges.  Inside, there should be plenty of space for children to add their own message, doodle, or signature, making each greeting not just a card, but a keepsake. x

A Bit about the History of Mother’s Day

Have you ever wondered where Mother’s Day came from?  Well, in Europe its origins are sad to be very old, perhaps dating back to ancient Rome and Greece.  Beyond Europe, some people argue that setting aside a day to celebrate mothers goes even further back – perhaps even to ancient Egypt and the time of the pharaohs.

In the United Kingdom, it is more traditionally known as “Mothering Sunday” and can be traced back to the Middle Ages.  It takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, because on that day people used to return to their hometowns and churches, and therefore their mothers.  They would often bring gifts and so over time, this evolved into Mother’s Day.

The American history of Mother’s Day is considered slightly differently, because in 1908 a woman called  Anna Jarvis started the tradition by organising the first official Mother’s Day.  The celebrations took place in West Virginia and Philadelphia on the second Sunday in May, which Anna chose in memory of her own mother who had died a year earlier.  The American president of the time, Woodrow Wilson, made Mother’s Day a legal holiday in 1914.  Interestingly, Anna hated the commercialisation of Mother’s Day.