Fairyland Newspaper: Easter Issue

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A picture of the Easter issue of The Midnight Messenger, a fairyland newspaper from Rooftop Post
The Midnight Messenger – Fairyland’s Newspaper!

Hello lovely visitors!  For a bit of extra fun we’ve published an Easter Issue of our newspaper form Fairyland, The Midnight Messenger, and made it free for you to download.  It can be read by your children at any time in the run up to Easter.

The Midnight Messenger is the newspaper which gets delivered all around the magical world – read by everyone from Santa and his elves to the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and every other magical personality you can think of.  And this month, your child can read it too!

We’ve uploaded it as a PDF.  Just click here or on the picture below to download or view it.  It’s completely free.  We hope it makes you and your little ones smile.

P. S.

If you enjoy this resource, please consider telling others.  Our site survives because of people like you using it.  Thanks x

Note from the Easter Bunny to go with this issue
This is a handwritten note from the Easter Bunny which has been written to go with out fairy newspaper, The Midnight Messenger. The idea is that you print out both before Easter.
Easter Bunny note to go with the Easter issue of The Midnight Messenger

If you have decided to leave a copy of the Midnight Messenger (above) somewhere for your child to find before Easter, you might like to put this note from the Easter Bunny with it, so that they know what it is.

It also lets your child know how good he or she has been and that that makes the Easter Bunny very proud.

More About the Midnight Messenger:

For those of you after more information about our Fairyland newspaper, it was first put together in 2003 by L A Betts.  It was early days for our site and as we didn’t have many visitors back then, after a couple of years  we retired it.  However, it carried on being delivered every month to magical folk of course, and has often mentioned in our other creations, such as the Father Christmas letters.

The Midnight Messenger is normally in black and white, but special issues like the Easter one above, are in colour.  It regularly features news from well-known parts of the magical world, like Father Christmas’s house in the North Pole, and features many familiar characters such as Jack Frost, the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy.  But it also features new characters your child won’t have heard of, such as the Worrying Witch, the Fortune-Telling Toad and all sorts of goblins, fairies and elves.

It’s always hard to know what people want more of, but if we sense the Midnight Messenger is popular, we’ll consider adding further issues to our site.