Three Father Christmas Letters

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Three Father Christmas letters for 2013
Father Christmas Letters Kindle Book

About this book:This is a completely free book, which you can download in lots of different formats from Smashwords.

This ebook contains our three most recent Father Christmas letters, which have been typed out for convenient digital reading. We’ve also put lots of the illustrations in and a couple of “spot the difference” games at the back.

The letters in this book are all available to print from our site.

We created it because every year people write and ask if they can download our letters in e-book format – so in 2013 we finally took the plunge.  We typed up the latest letters, added the relevant illustrations and made them available as a free book on Smashwords.  Apparently, many parents like to add them to their e-readers as bedtime stories in the run up to Christmas.


This book is seasonal and is best enjoyed at Christmas, or in the run up to Christmas.

It’s not religious in any way.

It was written and illustrated by Father Christmas and Leone Annabella Betts.


Whilst we know parents read our letters to children of all ages, we think they’re probably best enjoyed by children aged 7 and above.


Right now, you can get this book free from Smashwords. You may also find it on other ebook sites in the future.

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