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Watch our “How To” videos to help you make the most of our magical free printables.

Print & Craft a Santa Letter

This video is for anyone interested in getting the best out of our free printable letters from Father Christmas this year. It shows you how to present your letter tied with a ribbon, a name tag and with a sprinkling of fairy dust. We hope you enjoy making letters for your little ones and that you have lots of fun at this magical time of year. x

Here are links to the printables that go with this video:

Printable Father Christmas Letters | Letter Backs | Name Tags

How to Make Paper Leaf Decorations

Paper leaves are a lovely and original way to decorate your home for all sorts of parties and events.  They’re especially popular during autumn, for Halloween, Harvest festival and Thanksgiving celebrations, but there’s nothing to stop using them at any time of year. 

Watch the How To video to find out how to make yours.  There are links to all the printables mentioned in this video underneath it. 

Printables used in this video:

All Paper Leaves | Paper Maple Leaf


When you’ve finished, just thread your paper leaves onto string and (hopefully!) they’ll look like this. Happy crafting 🙂 

Paper leaf decorations
Paper Leaves Hanging from a Bannister

How to Make a Pirate Certificate

We’ve uploaded a video (below) to show you how to get the best out of our free printable pirate certificates.

Links to pirate printables in the video:
All Pirate Certificates | Honorary Pirate Certificate | Sea Bag | Back of Certificate

If you follow the “how to” video above, you should end up with something like this.  Happy crafting!



Planning a pirates party?  You might also like to make use of these free printables:
Pirate Cupcake Wrappers
Pirate party Invitation
Pirate Parrot Party Bag
Pirates Party Bag (1)
Pirates Party Bag (2)
Pirates and Mermaids Treasure Hunt

How to Make Snowman Soup

What is snowman soup?

Basically, it’s hot chocolate with a little extra oomph! You make a normal cup of hot cocoa, then add extra chocolate and white marshmallows – which are what give it its name. Some people also add extra milk or cream and just for fun, the whole thing is stirred up with a candy cane. It’s also becoming increasingly common for the raw ingredients for snowman soup to be put together as a gift for people to take home. A snowman soup gift set usually consists of a sachet of hot chocolate; some extra chocolate to stir in, such as buttons or stars or kisses; some white marshmallows; and a candy cane to stir it all up.

If you want the snowman soup poem featured in the video above, click here.

If you want the snowman colouring page featured in the video above, click here.

Snowman Soup Printables

We’ve written a couple of snowman soup poems, both of which are available for you below. We find parents like to print one, roll it up, tie with a ribbon and place it alongside a steaming cup of snowman soup or with a snowman soup gift set. (A snowman soup gift set usually consists of a sachet of hot chocolate, some extra chocolate to stir in such as buttons, stars or kisses, some white marshmallows, and a candy cane to stir it all up.)


Please note that the copyright for all our snowman soup poems belongs to Rooftop Post. They are only for your own personal use and may not be used commercially.