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Easter Bunny Letter: Trouble with Sugar Toothed Worms

This is just a quick post to let you know that this year, we will be adding free full-length letters from the Easter Bunny to our site.  The first one’s up already and we hope to have more by around the middle of February.

For anyone wondering what Easter Bunny letters are for, it’s the same sort of idea as father Christmas.  The Easter Bunny visits on the night before Easter and, provided the children have been good of course, leaves behind a gift of chocolate eggs.  Our letters are meant as an accompaniment to this gift and they tell of Easter Bunny’s magical journey to your house or about the adventures he has had in the run up to Easter.  They’re basically little stories which can be read on Easter Day.

easter_bunny_hatching_from_an_eggFamilies have varying traditions when it comes to where the eggs are left on Easter morning, some Easter Bunnies hide them around around the house or garden, some leave them near a sleeping child’s bed.  We try to make our letters as broad as possible when it comes to this sort of thing, so that they’ll apply to everyone.  While we recognise that easter is a special religious occasion for many families, we don’t include any religious content in our letters.  Again, this is simply so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Wherever you are and however you celebrate, we wish you and your family a truly happy Easter this year and if our letters or other printables have been of some use to you, the pleasure’s ours.

All the best,

The People at Rooftop Post xx

letter_in_a_bottleP. S.

We’ve been a bit remiss about writing newsletters recently as we haven’t had much time but we will be getting back to it in 2016.  So if you want the latest news about our free printables, do sign up.  We’re a small, friendly website and we won’t spam you.  Promise.  x