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What Does the Easter Bunny Do?

Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny

It’s a good question because around the world in different countries and even within different families in the same country, the answer varies quite a bit.

So, in our ever-growing global village, who is today’s Easter Bunny?

Here’s what we know…

Bunny Basics

Most of us, however, have the following rabbity experiences in common:

1. The Easter Bunny visits every Easter Eve.  (That’s the night before Easter rather than the day itself – like Christmas Eve.)

2. The Easter Bunny doesn’t visit grown-ups.  Sorry.

3. The Easter Bunny leaves presents.  Usually sweets or chocolate or both.


In some cultures, he also leaves toys, money, flowers and painted eggs.


He doesn’t always leave his gifts in the same place.  In some houses he pops sweets into Easter baskets, boxes or bonnets (the ones your children made earlier, unless as in our family, you forgot to organise that one and had to rush out and buy the nearest thing the same night.  Easter flower pots were what we had last year.)

Fortunately if you haven’t had time to make a container of any kind,  he can also leave treats in a basket he made himself.  (Ours will definitely be doing that this time around.)


Occasionally, the Easter Bunny also likes to leave his eggs in an Easter nest.


In other homes, he hides chocolate all around the house/garden so that the children wake up to an Easter egg hunt.  (A quick tip here – don’t let your Easter Bunny hide a cream egg anywhere it can be stepped into the carpet.  Cleaning up quite such a sticky mess does not put an Easter smile upon your face.)

4. The Easter Bunny is male.  (Well, except for that deliberately flirty, long-lashed one who used to crop up in the Cadbury’s advert.  If you’re in the UK you’ll know what we mean.)

5. The Easter Bunny is magical.  Obviously.  After all, he gets in without a key and manages to bring treats to all the good boys and girls in the world in one night.

6. Though often depicted as white, the Easter Bunny can be any colourHe sometimes carries an Easter basket full of chocolate or painted eggs.  He doesn’t generally wear and Easter Bonnet, which, when you think about it, is a bit of a pity.


Paws for Thought – Bunny Differences

There are of course, some ways in which Easter Bunny traditions differ wildly.  Here are a few examples:

In Australia, the Easter Bilby is sometimes the visitor of choice to deliver the children’s Easter eggs.  Due to the environmental impact of rabbits and the need to support the endangered (and very cute) bilby, many Australians would like to see it replace the Easter Bunny altogether.

Easter Bilby
Easter Bilby

In France the magical Flying Bells (les cloches volantes) deliver the eggs instead of a bunny.  The idea is that shortly before Easter, all the church bells fly away to Rome and then on their way back, they drop the eggs with which they have been blessed while in the holy city.  (We’ve never been in France over Easter but it seems as though if you’re out and about on Easter Eve, it may pay to take an umbrella.)

Easter in France: Flying Bells
Easter in France: Flying Bells

If you’re wondering how the Easter Bunny gets around the world on the night before Easter, there are different traditions about that too.  Some say that he has a secret network of tunnels running all around the world – even under the oceans.  If you like that idea, this free printable letter from him backs it up.

Easter Bunny on his way around the world
The Easter Bunny on his way around the world through his secret network of tunnels.

There are those who say that like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny travels in a sleigh but instead of reindeer, it is pulled by magical flying hedgehogs.

We’ve also heard tell that he travels on the back of an Easter dragon – which is a rather lovely idea – and on the more outlandish side, that he owns a giant magical flying carrot.  And after all, why not?  It could be quite useful.  No need to stop for snacks if you can simply take a bite out of your vehicle as you glide around the globe.


However he gets around, you can be sure it’s the dead of night and that he doesn’t need a Rudolph-type helper to see in the dark.  Not with all those carrots he eats!

Top Ten Tooth Fairy Printables

People often wonder which of our Tooth Fairy resources are the most popular… and of course, so do we. 

Well, we’ve consulted our stats and here they are, our top ten most popular Tooth fairy printables of all time (or at least for as long as they’ve been around).  They’re in reverse order.  Enjoy.


10. At number ten is this lovely little Tooth Fairy note, “Thanks for Being Asleep!”  We can see why it’s popular, it has a charming turn of phrase and obviously, it’s always good to reinforce the importance of being asleep when the Tooth fairy comes round.


9. A Tooth Fairy Door Hanger has made its way to number nine – the one with the cloudy sky design.


8. It turns out our Tiny Tooth Envelopes are at number eight, which we’re quite surprised about as they are a brand new resource.  The idea here is that you print and make two tiny envelopes, one for a tooth and one for a coin.  You give the first to your little one for his or her tooth, then you secretly replace it with a matching envelope containing a coin.  In our house, it produces squeals of glee!


7.  This “Well Done for Cleaning Your Teeth” sits firmly at number seven.  What can we say?  It does what it says on the can. 


6. Our sixth most popular Tooth Fairy printable is this Tooth Fairy Note Envelope.  We love this resource, but those Tooth Fairies among you who have taken the trouble to read through this list might like to know a secret.  The illustrator who donated it has just designed another one – and you can find it free here.  (Shhhh!)


5. Another Tooth Fairy note comes in at number five: “Thank You for Another Tooth“.  An obvious choice perhaps, but from our point of view we’re always happy to see we’ve got it right and created something useful.

4. Our “Award for Losing Your Second Tooth” is at number four, perhaps unsurprisingly considering number three.  (We’re glad you’re coming back to us for more!)  Tooth Fairy certificates are always something we’re looking for more ideas for, so we may well now do a couple more for fourth and fifth teeth.


3. At number three is our “Award for Losing Your Very First Tooth“.  This little certificate has long been popular and is a lovely way to commemorate that special first tooth losing moment.  If you’re using this certificate, don’t forget that there’s also an editable pdf version of it, which you can type your child’s name straight onto.


2. This one was a bit of a surprise: “Sorry I Forgot to Pick Up Your Tooth!”  It’s another Tooth Fairy note of course, and we only created it as a just in case resource.  Goes to show you never can tell what Tooth Fairies may need.  (And if you’re a Tooth Fairy who has forgotten to pick up a tooth, take heart, you’re definitely not alone!)


1. And finally, at number one is the all time favourite – our plain old “Thank You for Your Tooth” note.  As far as most Tooth Fairies go, it seems simple is best. 


 Top 10 Tooth Fairy Printables in a Gallery:

Want a quick view of all the top ten Tooth Fairy resources above?  Just use the gallery below:

Latest Free Stuff

artist-drawingLooking for the latest free printables we’ve made? 

 Well, it’s it’s been a bit of a slow start this January as most of the artists who donate resources to this site tend to either be really busy at this time of year or off taking a holiday. 

 However, we do have a few new printables for you to kick of 2013.  We hope, as always that you’ll find them useful and if you want to know which ones we ourselves like best… well, probably those on our new dragon page.  (We also hope to add to these further very soon.)   Anyway, please find our latest printable resources in the list below:

  • Note from the Easter Bunny – This little note will be useful for those of you who are hiding your children’s Easter Bunny eggs around the house for the children to find in the morning. 


  • Under the Sea Envelope – We’re not quite sure how this one will be useful, but it’s pretty and we’re sure those of you who like it will come up with something.  It would be an ideal envelope for anything to do with mermaids of course… we don’t have any mermaid stuff on this site at the moment, but it’s definitely an idea to add some, so we’ll bear it in mind. 


  • The Alphabet in Dragonish – We love this one.  Just love it.  It’s such a lovely bit of magic  to get the children working out how to write their names in Dragonish and so on.  Great for a rainy afternoon when they’re fed up with colouring in.


  • Dragon Friend Certificates – There are two of these, a certificate for a girl and a certificate for a boy.  They’re another of our favourites, such fun for any child who loves dragons.  They look especially nice in a little frame on a child’s bedroom wall.  If you want to type (rather than hand write) the names of your children onto these certificates, make sure you scroll down to underneath the certificates and use the green download button to get an editable PDF.


Before we wind up this post, we also want to mention that sady, the Rooftop Post shop has not survived the recent recession.  We will therefore be closing it shortly.  This means that you will not be able to buy full-length story letters for Christmas 2013.  On the upside, we will continue to deliver as many free printables to you as we can.

Don’t forget that instead of having to check on our website all the time, you can find out what new printables we’ve added every couple of months by signing up for our newsletter.


2013 – Printables Planned for the New Year

Well, here we are, another new year.  Doesn’t time fly?  Christmas is over, the children are back in school and 2013 is well underway.  So, what new printables are we planning to add to the free area of our site next?  Well, between now and the end of March, we’ll be asking our artists for resources of the Easter kind.  As you may know, all the resources on this part of our website are supplied by volunteers… so we can never be quite sure what they’ll come up with and when, but we’ve definitely heard Easter Bunny Note noises from one or two, and Easter Colouring noises from another. 

What else?  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve already added “Dragon Friend” certificates and a printout of the Dragonish Alphabet this year.  We’re thinking that if dragony things turn out to be popular, (we can tell via our stats), we’ll look at creating more.  We also want to build up our fairy page, which hasn’t had our attention for a long time, so fingers crossed for that.  

Once Easter is over, we’ll be looking at expanding summer resources of all sorts of course, ready for the holidays.  (Apologies to those in the southern hemisphere for whom that time of year will be winter – we do tend to run to a UK season schedule!)  The most popular summer resources we have at the moment are our Keep Cleaning Your Teeth This Summer tooth fairy note and our Good Behaviour Over the Summer Holidays certificate from Santa, but we plan to add more.  It’s also the time of year we look at non-seasonals such as chore charts and party invitations, so we’ll do what we can there.  Finally, we’re very much hoping we’ll be able to introduce  few “birthday fairy” reources around August – one of our artists has said she will have a go at some – which for us will be a first.

By the time Hallowe’en rolls around we’re usually preparing for Christmas already, but if any of our volunteers send us some spooky resources over, we’ll be sure to add them for you to enjoy. 

And so to the subject of Christmas.  Goodness, at the time of writing (January) it feels like such a long way away!  Still, there’s no doubt that we’ll be adding new printables for Christmas from September onwards, (or indeed tidying up old ones), because we always do.  We hope by then you’ll have had a lovely year, along with your loved ones.

Wishing you all the best for 2013,

The Rooftop Post Team x

P.S.  Don’t forget that if you want to hear about our new free printables, you can subscribe to our newsletter.  We send it out roughly every four to six weeks, so it’s not too invasive.  Also, rest assured we  definitely won’t be passing your email address on to anyone else. 


Top Ten Printables

Ever wondered which of our printables other visitors like best?  Well, we thought we’d put together a list of this month’s top ten for you to browse.  We hope you find it of interest.

1. Tooth Fairy Note: Thank You for Your Tooth! – This one didn’t surprise us.  It’s a basic Tooth Fairy note suitable for just about any little one who has just lost a tooth.

2. Tooth Fairy Certificate: Award for Losing Your Very First Tooth – We think this one’s probably so popular because it’s an editable PDF.  That’s to say all you have to do is type your child’s name straight onto it then print it out.

3. Halloween Party Invitation – Ah, well this will be due to the time of year. (Can’t believe it’s October already!)  We suspect it will slip off the top ten list as soon as the 31st has been and gone.  Oh, and while we’re on the subject of all things seasonal, British visitors who like our party invitations might like to check out our Bonfire Night one before November 5th.

4. Tooth Fairy Envelope – Of course, once you’ve printed a note, you need a little fairy envelope.  Makes sense.  Don’t forget though, there are other fairyland envelopes too.

5. Tooth Fairy Note: Lost Tooth – Ok, this one surprised us.  Who would have thought there were so many lost teeth?  Then again, if you think about it, it’s probably pretty common for teeth to fall out at school or at friends houses or just about anywhere where they’d easily go astray. We’re glad this little note’s of help.

6. Tooth Fairy Note: Sorry I Forgot to Pick Up Your Tooth! – It doesn’t surprise us that this one’s popular, it’s a bit of a lifesaver and we’ve used it ourselves.

7. Tooth Fairy Note: Visiting the Dentist – It’s good to see this here.  It’s such a sweet, reassuring note if you’ve got a child who’s a bit nervous about a trip to the dentist.  Always makes us smile.

8. Blank Fairy Notepaper (pink) – Glad to see this in the top ten.  We had no idea if there was any call for it, but it seems quite popular, which is always nice.

9. Santa’s Magic Mirror Writing – It seems that Christmas is creeping in!  We’re sure this one will top the list before the year’s out, it’s always popular.  It’s a magical way to encourage children to be good as Christmas gets nearer.  Clearly some of you just can’t wait… and we don’t blame you!

10. Junior Pirate Certificate – Another editable PDF here, nice and easy just to add the date and your young pirate’s name.  Arrrr!


Customers Outside the UK

This is just a general information post on buying Father Christmas letters from outside the UK.  (Our letters are all available on to UK buyers.)

We get a lot of people asking if they can buy letters from outside the UK.  The answer is that although our business is geared towards selling to UK customers, we do have a very basic page for anyone wanting to buy Christmas letters from beyond our shores.  It allows you to select the title of the letter you want to buy, then pay us safely and securely via PayPal.  Once you have done so, we’ll get your letters personalised and posted to you via the Royal Mail’s Airmail service.

All one page letters from Father Christmas are charged at £6.99 – and we charge an extra £1.00 (GBP) for postage to all non-UK addresses.

You might also find it useful to know that our last ordering date for Christmas letters going to addresses outside the UK will be the 2nd of December in 2012.

New Site Area for Printables!

Hello there!  If you’re reading this, then you’ve discovered the new area of our website dedicated to free printables.  As many of you will know, we’ve long created “freebies from Fairyland” and they’ve become such a popular part of the Rooftop Post site that we decided they deserved a proper area of their own.

For Those Wondering Who We Are:

Welcome, Visitor!  We’re a family business called “Rooftop Post” and we sell story-letters from Father Christmas.  When we’re not doing that, we like to fill our site with other bits and bobs in the way of printables for parents to entertain their children.

We’re based in Lancashire in the United Kingdom, though the people who help us design free printables are somewhat more widespread.  Obviously, during November and December we hope you’ll take a peek at our letter shop… but if you’ve just come to us for the free printables that’s fine too.  Enjoy!  And have a happy day.