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artist-drawingLooking for the latest free printables we’ve made? 

 Well, it’s it’s been a bit of a slow start this January as most of the artists who donate resources to this site tend to either be really busy at this time of year or off taking a holiday. 

 However, we do have a few new printables for you to kick of 2013.  We hope, as always that you’ll find them useful and if you want to know which ones we ourselves like best… well, probably those on our new dragon page.  (We also hope to add to these further very soon.)   Anyway, please find our latest printable resources in the list below:

  • Note from the Easter Bunny – This little note will be useful for those of you who are hiding your children’s Easter Bunny eggs around the house for the children to find in the morning. 


  • Under the Sea Envelope – We’re not quite sure how this one will be useful, but it’s pretty and we’re sure those of you who like it will come up with something.  It would be an ideal envelope for anything to do with mermaids of course… we don’t have any mermaid stuff on this site at the moment, but it’s definitely an idea to add some, so we’ll bear it in mind. 


  • The Alphabet in Dragonish – We love this one.  Just love it.  It’s such a lovely bit of magic  to get the children working out how to write their names in Dragonish and so on.  Great for a rainy afternoon when they’re fed up with colouring in.


  • Dragon Friend Certificates – There are two of these, a certificate for a girl and a certificate for a boy.  They’re another of our favourites, such fun for any child who loves dragons.  They look especially nice in a little frame on a child’s bedroom wall.  If you want to type (rather than hand write) the names of your children onto these certificates, make sure you scroll down to underneath the certificates and use the green download button to get an editable PDF.


Before we wind up this post, we also want to mention that sady, the Rooftop Post shop has not survived the recent recession.  We will therefore be closing it shortly.  This means that you will not be able to buy full-length story letters for Christmas 2013.  On the upside, we will continue to deliver as many free printables to you as we can.

Don’t forget that instead of having to check on our website all the time, you can find out what new printables we’ve added every couple of months by signing up for our newsletter.