2013 – Printables Planned for the New Year

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Well, here we are, another new year.  Doesn’t time fly?  Christmas is over, the children are back in school and 2013 is well underway.  So, what new printables are we planning to add to the free area of our site next?  Well, between now and the end of March, we’ll be asking our artists for resources of the Easter kind.  As you may know, all the resources on this part of our website are supplied by volunteers… so we can never be quite sure what they’ll come up with and when, but we’ve definitely heard Easter Bunny Note noises from one or two, and Easter Colouring noises from another. 

What else?  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve already added “Dragon Friend” certificates and a printout of the Dragonish Alphabet this year.  We’re thinking that if dragony things turn out to be popular, (we can tell via our stats), we’ll look at creating more.  We also want to build up our fairy page, which hasn’t had our attention for a long time, so fingers crossed for that.  

Once Easter is over, we’ll be looking at expanding summer resources of all sorts of course, ready for the holidays.  (Apologies to those in the southern hemisphere for whom that time of year will be winter – we do tend to run to a UK season schedule!)  The most popular summer resources we have at the moment are our Keep Cleaning Your Teeth This Summer tooth fairy note and our Good Behaviour Over the Summer Holidays certificate from Santa, but we plan to add more.  It’s also the time of year we look at non-seasonals such as chore charts and party invitations, so we’ll do what we can there.  Finally, we’re very much hoping we’ll be able to introduce  few “birthday fairy” reources around August – one of our artists has said she will have a go at some – which for us will be a first.

By the time Hallowe’en rolls around we’re usually preparing for Christmas already, but if any of our volunteers send us some spooky resources over, we’ll be sure to add them for you to enjoy. 

And so to the subject of Christmas.  Goodness, at the time of writing (January) it feels like such a long way away!  Still, there’s no doubt that we’ll be adding new printables for Christmas from September onwards, (or indeed tidying up old ones), because we always do.  We hope by then you’ll have had a lovely year, along with your loved ones.

Wishing you all the best for 2013,

The Rooftop Post Team x

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