Kitchen Crafts: Pantry Lables

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Pantry labels to print for your kitchen
Kitchen Crafting: Printable Pantry Labels

Hello there…

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, but we’ve been busy in the background making new printables and coming up with new crafting ideas.  The latest additions to this site are a range of printable labels for your pantry.  Great for those of you who like to organise your kitchen… and if the kids are around, you can get them to help.


We’ve arranged the pantry labesl into the following categories: 

Flour Labels Sugar Labels Pasta Labels Cereal Labels Oil Labels Fruit & Nuts Labels Herbs & Spices Labels Jam Labels

We reckon we’ve covered most basic pantry items, but if we think of any more we’ll be sure to add them.  Each label has been uploaded to this site as a large high resolution image, so you can resize them to suit your own particular containers and jars. 


Which pantry labels are the most popular?

It’s early days but so far, we’ve found that our jam labels have been the most popular… we didn’t really expect that but we hope all you jam lovers out there are finding them useful. 


What crafting tools do I need for this?

It goes without saying really, but to use our labels to best effect you will need:

  • a printer;
  • some scissors;
  • and some double sided sticky tape or glue. 

For resizing your labels, most of you will already have some sort of basic drawing or photo-editing package on your computers, but if you haven’t there are plenty of free ones you can download such as Paint.NET, Google’s Picasa, or, if you’re looking for something more advanced GIMP