The Cupcake Wrapper Craze

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little-girl-with-a cupcakeHave you noticed?  They’re everywhere.  Turning up at children’s parties, popping out of  picnic baskets, lurking in the bakery sections of the supermarkets…


Cupcakes, it seems, are back in fashion in a  big way.  Why?  Well, first they’re small.  You can eat one and you don’t really feel as bad as if you’d had a slice of cake.  Then of course there are the kids.  They love them!  And if you’re feeling brave, (not to mention energetic enough to clear up the mess it makes), you can even let them bake a few.  Finally, there are the little cupcake cases, ensuring a perfect shape every time – not to mention that those too lazy to fetch a plate can use them to catch the crumbs.  Yep, all in all cupcakes are a joy of a snack and they come in so many flavours and forms that it makes your head spin. 


kids-party-craft-cupcake-wrappers As if that’s not enough, we at Rooftop Post have recently had mounds of requests for “cupcake wrappers“.  We should be honest here, when we first got an email asking if we had any cupcake wrappers to print, we’d never heard of them.  We had to rush off to Google to find out what they were… and lo and behold, there were hundreds.  And hundreds of people crafting them.  So we got to work immediately and created some of our own. 


For anyone as out of touch as we were, cupcake wrappers are brightly coloured strips of paper which you wrap around the case of your freshly baked (or in our case freshly bought!) cupcakes to make them look even more fabulous and delicious than they already are.  They look great at children’s parties and can be very useful say at Halloween or Christmas, when you’re trying to present all your baking within a seasonal theme.

Here’s a list of the wrappers we’ve got to print so far.  If they prove popular, we’ll add more: 



It’s VERY early days, but the most popular choice by users of this site so far seem to be the fairy cupcake wrappers.  Mind you, we’re guessing this will change with the seasons.  We really hope you enjoy our wrappers and wish you all the best in your cupcake baking endeavours. 🙂