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Barbecue Decorations

If you’re planning a barbecue, why not go the whole hog and decorate your garden?  It’s a great way to involve the kids and is sure to amuse your guests… decorations are always a good talking point as people mingle.  And if you’re not able to have guests, decorations can still help make for some memorable photographs which you can then post on social media and share with your friends.  Everyone loves seeing a bit of family creativity!

Here’s what we’ve got in the way of printables to help you:

If you like the tomato and cucumber slices (above) you might also like to make our fruit slices garland, it can look pretty both inside and out.

Printable Fruit Garland

You might also find these useful:

Or maybe you’re looking for some decorative BBQ-themed notepaper, or a template to write your barbecue menu or invitation on:

Of course, no page of printable resources would be complete without characters from the magical world – after all, that’s what our site is all about.  So, with this in mind, here are some barbecue-themed colouring pages which include some fun fantasy creatures:

We hope you enjoy your garden party or barbecue and that you get good weather!