Fairy Certificates


Types of Certificate

We create two types of fairy certificate:

1. General Fairy Certificates
A general collection of certificates from the fairies.
General Fairy Certificates

These are all sorts of different certificates from the fairies.  They come in different colours and styles and cover many an occasion – including giving up a dummy, being good, being lovely and even being kind to cats!

2. Fairy Queen Certificates
A collection of certificates signed by the Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen Certificates

These certificates are awarded by the Fairy Council and signed by the Fairy Queen.  There’s a Certificate of Kindliness, a Certificate of Good Manners, a Certificate of Bravery and much more.  Plus they all show the queen in her fairy carriage being pulled by butterflies – a gorgeous bit of magic for any little girl.

All our  certificates are for children who love fairies! They cover lots of different circumstances and we hope you and your family enjoy them.
A small fairy hovering

If your child is a big fan of fairies, don’t forget to check out our fairy colouring as well. We also have some sweet Fairyland envelopes for you to pop your printables in – our own favourite envelope for general fairy things is this one.

Oh – and by the way, if you’re looking for something for boys, you might like to check out our pirate certificates. They’re lots of fun.

What Are Fairy Certificates For?

Well, they’re popular with different households for different things but in the main, parents like to use them to reward or encourage good behaviour.  Sometimes, they’re for specific events too, like giving up a dummy or keeping a bedroom tidy.

The idea is that you print one out, fill in your child’s name and leave it somewhere for him or her to find – exactly as if the fairies left it there!  After that, some people like to pin them to the wall, frame them, or add them to their child’s keepsake folder.  In our family, all awards etc tend to get stuck on the fridge, at least for a while, where they can be seen and admired regularly.  🙂

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