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Latest printable resources for your to print out from this website.

Burns Night Decorations


Robert BurnsThe 25th of January is just around the corner.  Are you getting ready to celebrate one of Scotland’s favourite sons, that wondrous poet and lyricist, Robert Burns? 

Then why not hang a few of the bard’s words around your home?

We hope you’ll find our Burns bunting and other printable Burns Night decorations useful – and that you have a great time.


If you have children who want to help decorate for Burns night, you might also like this colouring page of a loch monster.

Top Ten Christmas Printables 2013

We’ve had a look at our web stats and we thought seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, you might like to know what the most popular Christmas downloads are this year.  Here’s the list, counting down from 10.  Merry Christmas from us all!


It's going to be cosy Christmas in Bear's cave!
Christmas in Bear’s Cave

Kids Colouring: Christmas in Bear’s Cave

Rather unusually, a bit of Christmas colouring has made it onto our top ten list this year.

Then again, what child wouldn’t enjoy colouring such a cute Christmas scene of Bear putting his feet up in his festive looking cave?

You might also like colouring: 

Father Christmas at his Desk

Santa’s Pet Fish


Free Printable Christmas Party Bags
Christmas Party Bags

Christmas Party Bags

A bit of a surprise at number 9, as we created these as an afterthought.  It’s nice to think that lots of people might be having parties this December though… hope you have fun!

You might like to know that of all the Christmas party bags we’ve created, the most popular are the Blue Reindeer and the Santa Claus Milk and Cookie designs.


Free Santa letter to say: "Please try harder to be good"
Santa Letter: Please Try Harder to Be Good

Santa Note: Please Try Harder to Be Good 

This note from Santa reminds your child to be good in a positive way.  It always proves a popular download throughout November and December.


If you need matching envelopes, try these:

Santa Note Envelope for a Boy

Santa Note Envelope for a Girl


Letter from Santa “Santa's Magic Mirror Writing”
Santa Letter: Santa’s Magic Mirror Writing

Santa Note: Magic Mirror Writing

This is a fun little note which reminds the recipient to be good in the run up to Christmas because the elves will be watching.  The twist is that the whole thing is written in mirror-writing.  Just print it out, get your child to hold it in front of a mirror and Father Christmas’ secret words will become clear.


If you need matching envelopes, try these:

Santa Note Envelope for a Boy

Santa Note Envelope for a Girl


Printable note from Father Christmas reminding a child to be good
Quick Reminder to Be Good

Santa Note: A Quick Reminder to be Good

We’ve had this one on the site for a couple of years now – it always gets a lot of downloads as the Christmas holidays draw near.



Free Father Christmas Letter: "Dropping Off Your Presents"Santa Letter: Dropping Off Your Presents

This one’s a classic.  A great letter for any child to open on Christmas morning and read that only a few short hours ago, Father Christmas was right there, dropping off his/her presents.  It’s sheer magic.  And we expect the downloads of this letter to sky-rocket in the few days before Christmas.

Age Range: Obviously, parents know their own children best when it comes to what they’ll read, but we think this letter is best suited to those aged around 7 and up.

Don’t forget – we have printable backs for our Santa letters too – you just turn your letter over, print the back on the other side, then cut off any bits of white paper.  This video will show you how.


Santa's Snowman Soup Poem
Santa’s Snowman Soup Poem

Santa’s Snowman Soup Poem 

Wow!  We had no idea our snowman soup poem would be popular enough to make this list.  It just goes to show, running a site like this takes a lot of guess-work and you are always surprising us.  Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying snowman soup Santa style.

(Don’t know what Snowman Soup is?  This video will show you.)


free-letter-from-Father-Christmas-Rudolphs-Fishy-Tale-by-Leone-Annabella-BettsLetter from Santa: Rudolph’s Fishy Tale 

This is a lovely letter, both magical and comical in tone.  We expected it to be fairly popular and we were right.  We can’t tell which children parents are printing out for, obviously, but friends and family have told us this one goes down well with boys.

Age Range: Obviously, parents know their own children best when it comes to what they’ll read, but we think this letter is best suited to those aged around 7 and up.

Don’t forget – we have printable backs for our Santa letters too – you just turn your letter over, print the back on the other side, then cut off any bits of white paper.  This video will show you how.

Oh, and this one’s to read BEFORE Christmas, not on Christmas Day.


free-letter-from-Father-Christmas-and-the-Christmas-Tree-by-Leone-Annabella-Betts Letter from Santa: Father Christmas and the Christmas Tree

To be honest, this didn’t surprise us.  It’s one of our favourite letters from Santa and is a nice, gentle read for any child.  The pretty illustrations around the edge of the letter make it look extra magical and if you print it and tie it up with a ribbon it’s more or less a guaranteed smile on your little one’s face.

Age Range: Obviously, parents know their own children best when it comes to what they’ll read, but we think this letter is best suited to those aged around 7 and up.

Don’t forget – we have printable backs for our Santa letters too – you just turn your letter over, print the back on the other side, then cut off any bits of white paper.  This video will show you how.

Oh, and this one’s to read BEFORE Christmas, not on Christmas Day.


You're on the Nice List
You’re on the Nice List

Nice List Certificate

Well, looks like there are a lot of parents with nice children using the Rooftop Post site!

This lovely certificate is officially our most popular resource in December 2013 so far.

It comes in two versions.  One you can write your child’s name on with a pen or an editable PDF you can type on before printing.  (You might want to keep in mind that the PDF one may not display correctly if you’re not using Adobe reader.)  We’re really pleased people have found this certificate so useful and will look into creating similar certificates in the future.

New Santa Letter for Christmas Morning

Free Father Christmas Letter: "Dropping Off Your Presents"Our latest letter from Santa to read on Christmas Morning is now available for you to print

It’s completely free – all we ask is that you share it via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn before you download it.

This particular letter is called “Dropping Off Your Presents” and it’s a good all-rounder; that’s to say you can give it to pretty much any child.  In it, Father Christmas charts his journey from the North Pole to your house and tells of the magical happenings along the way.  It’s a gentle, amusing letter and we hope you’ll find it useful. 

If you are looking for a letter that congratulates a child on being well-behaved all year, this is also an excellent choice.

3 Father Christmas Letters in an Ebook

Three Father Christmas letters for 2013
Father Christmas Letters Kindle Book

After a surprising number of requests, we have finally created an e-book version of this year’s first three letters from Father Christmas. 

You can download it now FREE at

Of course, you can also still get all three letters completely free from this website – the ebook is simply for the convenience of those who like to use it to read to their children from an e-reader, or even a PDF file. 

As you would expect, we’ve included lots of colourful illustrations from the letters and dotted them throughout the text.  For those of you whose children like such things, there are also three spot the difference games at the back of the book, for an extra bit of fun. 

We have no real idea about how popular this ebook is going to be, but if it turns out that parents like it, we’ll make more.  As most of you may know, we no longer create personalised letters because over the last couple of years, there simply wasn’t enough demand.  However, we do hope you get some use out of this ebook and that it affords your little ones some magical tales. 

To all who purchase it – thank you very much!  We’ll feed any royalties back into our business and keep bringing you all the magic we can. x 

P.S.  If you’re helping Father Christmas by printing our free letters for your children this year, you can always watch this short crafting video to help you get the best out them.

New Letter from Santa to Read Before Christmas

A Letter from Father Christmas:
“Father Christmas and the Christmas Tree”

Ah, September!  The summer holidays roll to a close and with the start of the new term comes our latest new Father Christmas lettercompletely free for you to print out.

This one is called “Father Christmas and the Christmas Tree” and it can be read any time before Christmas.  Thanks to writer/illustrator Leone Annabella Betts, it’s packed with the beautiful illustrations we’ve come to expect and nicely written in Father Christmas’ gentle, jovial storytelling style.

If you’re looking for ways to get your child excited about Christmas early, not to mention a little reminder about how important it is to be good, then this letter is well worth a look.  We’ve been told by many parents that they like to read our Santa letters as bedtime stories and we think this one is a particularly nice choice for that, as thoughts of friendly talking Christmas trees are nice to drift off to.  It’s a letter suitable for boys and girls and we hope they enjoy it.

For further Father Christmas story-letters, don’t forget to keep an eye on our “New” page, we’ve a couple more on the way.

New Full-Length Tooth Fairy Letter

Tooth Fairy Letter "Building a Fairy Path" We’ve added a new full-length letter to our little collection of letters from the Tooth Fairy, which we hope you will enjoy.

We’ve called this one “Building a Fairy Path” and it is all about how the Tooth Fairy uses the tooth she has just collected (from your child) to help make a white path into a magical forest.  The path is much-needed because the trees of the forest have a habit of moving around a lot which makes it very easy for travellers to get lost.

We think this letter is delightful – it’s packed with the usual magic and cute illustrations.  Another thumbs up from us to the creator of our letters, Leone Annabella Betts.  Like all our letters from the Tooth Fairy, “Building a Fairy Path” is suitable for any child who has lost a tooth and is due a visit.  As many of you already know, we ask that you share a link to the letter on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn before downloading it.  Thank you in advance to all those who do this – spreading the word is what keeps our little website going.

So what’s next?  We’ve got at least one more full-length Tooth Fairy letter coming before the year is out, but now that September is nearly upon us, our attention will naturally turn to Halloween then Christmas.  (Excitingly, this year’s full-length Father Christmas letters are being written and illustrated right this minute!)  For the next Tooth Fairy letter though, be sure to watch this page, or simply keep up with us on Facebook.

Tooth Fairy Letter Tied with Pink RibbonThere’s not much other news for now but we hope you have fun with the new letter and that you’ll visit us again soon.

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This Year’s First Father Christmas Letter

Father Christmas and the Pirates Story-Letter by Leone Annabella BettsOkay, if you’re one of those people who can’t bear to think of Christmas when the summer sun is shining then click away now!  For everyone else and particularly those who like to collect our story-letters, the first one is available to print as soon as you like.  (As always with our full-length, illustrated letters, we do ask you to share the link on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn before accessing it.)

Happily for any ultra-organised soul wanting to get their letter printed and finished well ahead of time, we have a selection of letter backs available too.  If you’re new to this site and wondering what on earth “letter backs” are, they’re decorative designs you can print on the reverse side of our Father Christmas letters, for that extra authentic look.


The new letter is called “Father Christmas and the Pirates” and has been written and illustrated by our usual artist, Leone Annabella Betts.  By the way, if you want to keep a closer eye on how this year’s letters are coming along you can follow their progress on her blog.  “Father Christmas and the Pirates” is two pages long and is meant to be read on Christmas Morning.  It tells the story of an adventure Father Christmas’ had on Christmas Eve, on his way to drop off the presents.  It’s charming, funny and full of magic – a beautiful Christmas extra for any child.

Before ending this post, a word about this year’s “before Christmas” letters.  The first one should be online and ready for printing during the first week of September and others soon after that.  So do keep an eye out!

Summer Certificates

Now that we’re into August, we thought we’d do a quick round up of any summer certificates we happen to have on our site.  Most of them are new this year and all have PDF versions for those of you who prefer to type names/dates on rather than write.  We hope you find them useful and that if, like us, you’re in the UK, you and your children are enjoying the summer holidays.  If you’re somewhere else on the planet we hope you’re having a good time too, whatever the time of year. 🙂


Scrapbook Paper

Free printable fairy scrapbooking papers
Fairy Scrapbook Paper

Good news for all of you who’ve asked us for scrapbooking paper in the past – we’ve finally created some.  The first set is fairy-themed and the second is for Halloween.  Obviously, we’d expect the fairy paper to be more popular at this time of year.  Here are the links:


What’s it For?

For anyone wondering what on earth scrapbook paper is for – well, people like it for all sorts.  You can use it to help you craft greetings cards, back photos (before you frame them), make paper chains, wrap small presents, cover notebooks, create colourful origami and of course, in all kinds of collage and decoupage.  Basically, the possibilities are endless.  One of the children in our family recently used it to wallpaper her dolls house! 

Anyway, we hope you get some use out of our scrapbook paper and if it starts to look like a popular resource, we’ll be sure to add more.  In the meantime, thanks for your interest and for visiting our site today.  We hope you’ll call back soon.  x

Paper Dolls and Party Bags

Fairy paper doll with flowery outfits
Fairy Paper Dolls

For those of you who like to check out our latest printables, we’ve just added party bags to colour in and fairy paper dolls to cut out and craft.  We hope you enjoy them. 


As with all our resources, anything which proves particularly popular will go straight to the top of our “add more list”.  The best way to let us know if you like something is to share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.  We can tell how many shares and/or likes each of our pages receives and every month we have a quick look at the printables people like best and focus our efforts there. 



For anyone wondering what other visitors to this site are interested in right now, this week our most popular resources are:



Don’t forget, this is the page that will keep you up to date with all our latest stuff.  Regular users might want to bookmark it. 


Thanks for visiting Rooftop Post – we hope you call back soon.